Google Analytics

which of the following is not a required parameter in the URL builder?
Campaign Content
Which of the following Metrics would most strongly suggest a poorly performing landing page?
Bounce Rate >90%
Your business objective is to maximize the number of sales through your website. Which of the following metrics would most directly help you measure performance against this objective?
E-commerce Conversion Rate
The Measurement Protocol is a standard set of rules for collecting and sending hits to Google Analytics. Using the Measurement Protocol you can:
Send data to Google Analytics from any web- connected device,

Send data to Google Analytics from a kiosk or a point of sale.
Answer: A & B Only

Which of the following is a hit type tracked by Google Analytics?
page tracking hit
event tracking hit
ecommerce tracking hit
Answer: all of these are hit types tracked in Google Analytics
Which of the following would prevent destination goal conversions from being recorded?
There was a misspelling in the URL of the goal definition.
The tracking code is missing from the conversion page.
The match type in the goal definition is incorrect.
Answer: All of these would prevent a destination goal from recording
True or False: The order in which filters appear in your view settings matters
True: Filters are executed in the order in which they appear
Which of the following questions can be answered using the goal flow report?
– Is there a place in my funnel where traffic loops back to the beginning of the conversion process to start over?
– Are there any steps in my conversion process that don’t perform well on mobile devices compared to desktop devices?
– Are there a lot of unexpected exits from a step in the middle of my conversion funnel?
– Do visitors usually start my conversion process from the first step or somewhere in the middle?
– Answer: All of these can be answered using the goal flow report.
True or False: When you share a link to a custom report, you share the data in the report.
False. Sharing a link to a custom report only shares a template for the report
Which of the following attribution models would be useful for evaluating ads and campaigns that are designed to create initial awareness about a brand?
First Interaction Model
The Solutions Gallery allows you to import or share which of the following reporting tools or assets?
Goals, segments, custom reports
Answer: a, b and c
You launched several new marketing campaigns and want to be notified if any of the campaigns lead to over 10% increase in goal conversions on a given day. Which tool in Google Analytics would you use to set up this alert?
Intelligence Events
In the Multi-channel funnel reports, which of the following metrics would be most useful in measuring how many conversions were initiated by Paid Search?
First Interaction (Click) Conversions
Your Multi-Channel Funnel reports have no data. What is the most likely reason?
You haven’t implemented Goals or Ecommerce
Which reporting or data collection feature(s) do you get access to by activating Advertising Features in Google Analytics?
Interest Categories
Demographic reporting
B and C only
Answer: A, B, and C
Your company runs a holiday email campaign for the month of December to drive newsletter signups. Which of the following metrics would be the most indicator of the campaign’s success?
conversion rate
True or False: Once a view is deleted it cannot be restored
False: You have 35 days to restore a view after it is deleted.
What is the URL parameter that autotagging appends to an AdWords destination URL?
You decide to run an email campaign that includes a link to your website. What would you need to do in order to track traffic to your site from this email campaign?
Email traffic can be tracked using manual tagging with UTM parameters
Which of the following features allows you to join the data generated by your offline business systems with the online data collected by Google Analytics?
Data import
You can adjust the report sample size in Google Analytics by:
adjusting a control in the reporting interface
Which report would you use to determine the percent of your site traffic that has already been to your site before?
Behavior – New vs returning report
True or False: If a user views one page of a website, completes an Event on this page, and then leaves the site, this session will be counted as a bounce in Google Analytics.
False: Because there was more than one interaction hit in the session (pageview hit and event hit) this session would not be considered a bounce.
What analysis tool would you use to analyze the behaviour of new customers vs. returning customers on your website?
View filters
Which of the following reporting dimensions would be useful to reference if you were rebuilding a website to improve accessibility?
Answer: All of these dimensions
Device Category
None of these dimensions
Using filters, you can _____
exclude data from a view
change how the data looks in your reports
Answer: All of these answers apply
include data in a view
Which of the following are measures of traffic volume?
You want to a second view of your data where you only see traffic to a specific sub-directory. What is the best way to set this up?
Create a duplicate view and add a filter: Select “Include only traffic to a sub directory” from the filter type drop down, and specify the sub-directory

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