Monet and Olympia Essay Example
Monet and Olympia Essay Example

Monet and Olympia Essay Example

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  • Published: November 27, 2016
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During that period, Olympia received severe criticism despite representing a common theme in art - the nude female. Nevertheless, Olympia differed from previous representations such as Titian's "Venus of Urbino." Monet chose to use a simplified color scheme for the body, which gives it a sharp and two-dimensional look similar to a photograph. Moreover, the portrayal of the body gives off a cold and harsh impression. Earnest Chesneau's journals corroborate this observation.

1. A lack of basic drawing skills that is reminiscent of childish ignorance.

2. Bias towards unimaginable crudeness.

Moreover, Theophile Gautier criticized Olympia as "ugliness" due to its desire to attract attention at any price. He disliked the painting's style and the portrayal of a lowly girl. On the contrary, Emile Zola supported and highly valu


ed Olympia. His view is reflected in his statement, "While other artists try to alter nature when painting Venus, Edouard Manet questions why not tell the truth instead of lying?" Zola believed that the public enjoys behaving childishly.

Although they have a conservative mindset, their dislike for challenging art should not be seen as an indication of its quality. Manet's goal was to challenge the idea that paintings had to depict flawless objects. The significance lies in the truth and independence of our perception, regardless of whether the object is deemed aesthetically pleasing or not. This was apparent when Olympia was created after the French Revolution, a period marked by reconstruction and the rise of different establishments like clubs and bars, including those patronized by upper-class prostitutes.

Manet's inclination to portray society as it truly existed in his era might have

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been shaped by his personal traits and distinct viewpoint, alongside the societal demands of that period. Aspiring artists of that time sought greater artistic liberty and were discontented with conventional traditions and regulations. These factors combined to give rise to a novel artistic style known as impressionism, wherein Manet's limited paintings played a crucial role in advancing its progress.

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