Autobiography: The Story of My Life Essay Example
Autobiography: The Story of My Life Essay Example

Autobiography: The Story of My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: April 20, 2022
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My name is Brave Claudius, born and raised in Orlando, Florida to Mary Leakey and Richard Leakey on the 3rd day of February 1994. I was raised singly by my mother, who has had a great influence in making most of the career decisions I have had in life. My mother owns a group home that deals with individuals facing mental health challenges and is always dedicates time to improve the welfare of members living in the society. Being the last born, I consider myself lucky to have a caring a loving family that will always stop at nothing to assist in a family with three siblings. My family has always been supportive by always encouraging me to pursue a career in counseling which has been my passion from my middle childhood. When am not in college or at the workplace, I spend most of my time volunteering in com


munity-based organizations around my home. I believe that the places I grew up in, the people I have met in my life and the education I have gone through has motivated me to choose my career path. My satisfaction comes every day from helping other people, who may be suffering from psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges overcome the challenges.

My work and volunteering experience with the “Heart of Giving” non-governmental organization, which I currently work with, have improved both my observational and learning skills. My patience skills allow me to carefully and keenly listen to clients and people during conversations without interrupting them. I am always willing to go an extra mile to find out more about a particular program to create long-term and sustainable intervention measures.

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I value more and mostly rely on scientific evidence in making constructive solutions which I know have consequences that should not hinder or obstruct the recovery process. Other than my abilities to quickly learn about issues in the society, I find it challenging to learn quickly and articulate mathematics or solve statistical problems. I can, however, handle a large number of clients at a time for long periods of time with very little burnout. Respect and dignity for all persons are always a priority when I handle clients from all walks of life as they seek solutions to the emotional, spiritual and psychological problems they face. I believe that most religions have an important role to play in solving the psychological needs of the people just as they solve the spiritual dilemmas.

Liberty University offers an environment where the management treats everyone with respect and dignity irrespective of their religious or cultural orientation. The practice of mental health counseling requires that the counselor should respect clients regardless of the challenges they face or barriers that may develop between the counselor and the counselee. Liberty University has broken the cultural barriers by admitting students from different cultures and creating policies against cultural bias and discrimination. Such policies, which complement the ethical standards the ethical standards that regulate the practice of mental health counselors, also, have biblical foundations which I believe. The brotherly and sisterly nature of students and the staff of Liberty University is a reflection of the care and dedication mental health counselors should relate to their clients and focus on their professions. I chose mental health counseling – a profession that helps to improve the

wellbeing of individuals- to help suffering individuals to develop dignity, and help them live meaningful and fulfilling lives by overcoming their challenges.

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