Alfred M. Green Speech Analysis Essay Example
Alfred M. Green Speech Analysis Essay Example

Alfred M. Green Speech Analysis Essay Example

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The Civil War. a war fought during the 1860s. decided a great many things: bondage or freedom. south and north or fusion. In the beginning of the war. the Northern African Americans were non allowed to fall in the Union Army and fight against the Southern oppressors. Alfred M. Green. while giving a address in Philadelphia at the beginning of the war. urged African American to fix to enlist. He besides spoke subversively about the unfairness of the intervention of African Americans non merely in the South but besides in the North. Green uses a assortment of methods to carry his fellow African-Americans to fix for war while besides talking out against the intervention of the African-Am. in the North.

Green begins his address by instantly adverting the basis of the American political orientation. that American citizens believe i


n “freedom. and of civil and spiritual acceptance. ” By remind the African Americans what America is founded on. he incites in them the desire to travel to war against anyone opposing the thought. Green. by the same item. reminds the Whites of their unfairness in denying the African Americans their rights. The reference of the “immortal Washington” and “Jackson” besides entreaties to the nationalism in the African Americans. traveling them closer to wanting to contend in the war.

The entreaty Green makes to the spiritual beliefs of the African Americans is evident throughout his address. Because most of the African Americans at the clip were Christian. by mentioning to their God as the “God of truth. Justice and equality to all men” makes the AFri. Am. feel obligated to assist the cause of the Civil War. Because their

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God believed in “freedom. ” why and how can they deny anyone else that right? At the same clip Green besides reminds the Whites that their same God is the white God and that the African Americans deserve rights every bit good. Green besides wants the African Americans to be “trusting in God” because their God wants them to travel to war and will protect them. Why should the African Americans non travel to war under such protection?

By the terminal of his address. Green begins to remind the African Americans of their “oppressed brethren” in the South. He reminds them of people under a “tyrant system” and requests their aid in subverting it. He besides mentions the desire of the Southern leaders to “drive back…civil and spiritual freedom… and have more slave district. ” By adverting the ends of the other side. he motivates the African Americans to conflict by demoing them the hereafter of the state if the South wins because they did non fight. Green notes that their “very presence” on the battleground will press the slaves in the South to revolt.

Green’s word pick throughout his address helps him to actuate the African Americans to conflict without their realizing it. He invariably uses the phrase “let us” to carry the African Americans to fall in the ground forces without straight stating them to make so. A direct order is much less likely to be followed than a softer way such as “let us. ” He besides includes himself in the group by utilizing the word “us. ” doing him look motivated and wishful of fall ining the ground forces every bit good. If

he desires to fall in. why should they non? Green besides anticipates certain rebuttals to his statement. but he silences them by get downing his statements with “it is true. ” He wants the African American people to cognize that he excessively realizes the jobs with the authorities but his is still willing to travel to war.

Although Green does do certain condescending statements towards the white audience by the terminal of the address he has “united” both American Americans and Whites by concentrating them against a common enemy: the South. He does desire alteration. but he knows that get the better ofing the Southern bondage system is much more urgent and of import in the long tally. Green is careful to “hope of the future” but still “improve the present. ” and he hopes non merely the African Americans but besides the Whites will make the same.

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