Was the civil war inevitable? Essay Example
Was the civil war inevitable? Essay Example

Was the civil war inevitable? Essay Example

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  • Published: February 10, 2018
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According to Davis Jefferson, the Doctrine of Secession grants states the right to nullify the constitutional northern way of life and supports South Carolina's secession from the union. He believes that the Confederacy and union could achieve solitary peace, although they would face difficulties arising from the conflicting interests of separate nations. Jefferson considers the Bill of Rights as the basis for states' rights, which he thinks would revolutionize the way states are governed. Despite communication being divided, transportation ports would be guarded to handle any significant surprises. However, his efforts to bring Republicans and Federalists together failed, and he became known as an ineffective war leader due to his poor tactics and neglect of public opinion and state governors' opinions. As a result, he was considered a bad predecessor to Lincoln. In contrast, Abraham Lincoln's S


pringfield Speech describes his departure from the plantation where he grew up and lived in Springfield, Illinois.

Observing the diverse social classes in the crowd, he saw that rumors of rejection were false. His goal was to evoke emotions and motivate patriotism. Embracing African-American culture helped him overcome homesickness and inspired him to deliver his speech. He acknowledged his indebtedness to the people, but only if the North understood and accepted secession. This speech followed by his Inaugural Address, which influenced the Democratic point of view, dividing the party and making him a Republican. In his address, he reached out to the Confederate States, promising policies for their progress while threatening force in defending the Union's unity against secession. Although he had no authority over slavery, secession threatened the Constitution.In his display of unwavering loyalty to his new party

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and state of mind, he declares his commitment to abstain from utilizing the Spoils System which grants one political party power within the government. Rather, he would have Democrats manage offices in the South. This statement was prompted by the Battle of Fort Sumter, referred to as the Insurrection Act. During Frederick Douglass' Fourth of July speech, he criticizes the failure of fathers to comprehend the consequences of slavery and disregards the current status of Black citizenship while highlighting the nation's potential for reform. He mentions America's fear towards the abolition of slavery as it parallels earlier conflicts with England and acknowledges that this trait did not suit the nation while creating room for extensive beliefs once eliminated. He states that Black citizens cannot participate in celebrating independence on July 4th due to racism dividing the nation. He compares himself to Albert Einstein in stating that it is preferable to rebel than do nothing to oppose it. This idea applies to religious institutions in Northern areas where people were granted unalienable rights rather than the entire nation. He concludes that anti-slavery supporters will use the constitution as a tool to win the battle.

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