Women and Art Professionalism Essay Example
Women and Art Professionalism Essay Example

Women and Art Professionalism Essay Example

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  • Published: May 10, 2022
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Hindrances Faced by Women in Artistic

Artists perform various activities that comprise of acting, singing and public perming among other activities.

Artistic professionalism is immensely demanding and sometimes gruesome. Consequently, they have been regarded to befit men making it challenging for women venture and succeed in the industry unescorted.

Women genre has displayed impeccable skill in singing, acting among others but severely outnumber by men due to discrimination. The high profile positions are dominated by male genre such as cinematographers, the directors and the writers in almost all the cases are male. Only a mere minority of women in rare cases are accommodated.

Women are perceived as a weak gender and promotion to senior positions has been difficult as the industry has a culture of patriarchal. Men are thought to have stamina in directing the task. Women face immense criti


cism when the act some parts in arts such as movies. They are perceived as murderers, prostitutes or of low position in the society depending on the acting part rending their former reputation worthless. They are branded names an action that depresses the women inducing them to desert their careers.

Actions to Overcome the Inequity

Political will plays a critical role in empowering the women. Through polices and support political leaders disintegrate the entrenched attitudes and societal discrimination. The governments deprive priority and withdraw support to the industries the display minute ration of women to men in entertainment industry to achieve the goals set for Millennium Development.

During international forums, the issues are highly stressed and political leaders are urged to take measures to ensure equality in artistic professionalism and moral support. Thou slowly, the inequality is

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gradually fading away.

Artworks that Adversely Affect the Performance of Women

Entertainment industry has impacted negative on women to a great extent. During events that mostly occur at night, most of performers are men. Women who professionalize in artwork such as painting are less regarded due to the strenuous nature of the work. The challenges are deeply rooted in the film industry where women are demoralized for participating in certain films.


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