Violence Against Women: A ‘Global Health Problem of Epidemic Proportions” Essay Example
Violence Against Women: A ‘Global Health Problem of Epidemic Proportions” Essay Example

Violence Against Women: A ‘Global Health Problem of Epidemic Proportions” Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2021
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This particular report emphasize on the violence against women as a public health problem. According to a report released by World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with the South African Medical Research Council and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, more than one third of all women globally experience sexual or physical violence.

Another methodical research of global data on the occurrence of violence against women suggests that 35 percent of all women are involved either in familiar partner or non-partner violence. In fact, 30 percent of women globally are affected by the intimate partner violence while 5 percent of women globally are affected by non-partner violence.

New WHO recommendations, included in this report, are purposed to aid countries improve their health sector’s capability to respond to violence against women. Precisely, the report describes the effect


of violence on the mental and physical health of girls and women. The impacts range from fractured bones to pregnancy-basedproblems, impaired social functioning and mental complications.

Based on the data presented in this report, violence against women is exceedingly common. Humiliation and fear prevents most of the women from reporting non-partner sexual violence. The data on sexual violence is also affected by the fact that fewer countries gather data than information regarding intimate partner violence and that many studies of this kind of violence use less refined measurement methods than those employed in monitoring intimate partner violence.

Most importantly, this report calls for a key scaling up of worldwide efforts to cope with all kinds of violence against women by addressing the cultural and social factors behind it. The report also calls for instant need for better care for women wh

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have encountered violence.

Such women at all time seek health-care, without certainly revealing the cause of their ill-health or harms. The report conclusions show that violence extremely increases women’s susceptibility to a range of short-term and chronic health complications, thus stresses the need for the health sector to consider violence against women more earnestly.

As it highlights, most of the health workers simply do not know how to respond cases of violence against women. The authors of the report stress the significance of using the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to integrate issues of violence into the nursing and medical programs as well as during vocational training.

Basically, this report is greatly connected to the larger global picture because violence against women is the most persistent issue all over the world. Violence against girls and women endures unchanged in every culture, nation and continent in general. It takes a shocking influence on women’s lives, on their families as well as on the society.

Even though most societies inhibit violence against women and girls, the occurrence cases are still escalating. It is important to note that violence against women is not a secretive family matter. In fact, this is a public and community health issue influencing not only the offender and the victim but everyone around them. Each and every person has the responsibility to end violence against women and girls by empowering and supporting every female in the society.

There is need for instant response of individuals in society regarding this issue. However, some artists have used artistic expressionsuch as photographs to raise awareness about the numerous around the world who experiences violence silently. Miklos Kiss, a Hungarian artist, is

one of the artists who presented her support on raising awareness against this issue using photograph.

In her photograph, she features women of all ethnicities with the term “yes” written on their lips in eleven diverse languages ( Miklos Kiss assert that her key objective is to bring awareness to this kind of violence and report for these women who secretly endure in violence. Some of the women included in the photograph are from the countries they symbolize, while others are models. For each woman’s lips, the term “yes” is written using the colors of the country’s flag she signifies.

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