Professionalism in Healthcare Essay Example
Professionalism in Healthcare Essay Example

Professionalism in Healthcare Essay Example

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  • Published: August 22, 2021
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Ensuring professionalism in healthcare is vital to provide the services my clients deserve. I prioritize acquiring necessary skills to prepare myself for practice in this field, as healthcare plays a crucial role in our lives.

Many mistakes related to healthcare provision occur due to incompetence. I ensure that I improve my skills to avoid incompetence. Patients need to be treated kindly. As a healthcare professional, I should be selfless.

By being kind and selfless, I can effectively find the best medical solutions for my patients and treat them in a good manner. This includes communicating kindly with them. Unlike many money-oriented healthcare professionals who prioritize their own returns, I will prioritize the needs of my patients.

This perception hinders them from understanding their

text__match--highlight" data-match-index-1="0">patients' predicaments. Confidentiality is an important aspect in healthcare professionalism. I handle a lot of patient’s information that need to be safeguarded. Many patients have a history for their diseases.

Sharing this information with a healthcare professional requires courage. Healthcare professionals share this information to find solutions to medical issues. Professionalism in healthcare means not sharing patients' information without consent. This ethical requirement means safeguarding patient records. I take responsibility for protecting patients' interests and being accountable in my work assignments. I do not discriminate against patients.

I treat all patients fairly and equally without favoritism based on race or social status. Treating patients equally ensures that they do not struggle to access prope

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healthcare. Healthcare professionalism requires treating patients fairly and giving them the same attention. Observing this equality in my practice shows that I value all patients and maintain a positive attitude towards them.

I do not give special attention to specific patients. This ensures that I am able to focus on improving the health of all patients. I always strive to enhance my skills by engaging with other professionals in the field of healthcare and consulting them whenever possible. I attend workshops to gain a broader understanding of emerging issues in healthcare. Additionally, I seek clarifications from other healthcare professionals in areas where I need them. My goal is to improve people's perspectives regarding healthcare.

I will do this by encouraging my fellow professionals in

the healthcare field

to build better relationships with their


. Treating


in a respectful manner makes them feel loved and this creates a positive contribution towards improving their health.

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