Unusually High Attrition Rate In Tech Mahindra Essay

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This assignment will dig into the abrasion rate of the Indian IT industry in general and for Tech Mahindra in specific. It would analyze the higher abrasion rate for Tech Mahindra as compared to the full industry norm and attempt to happen possible grounds for it, analyzing with motive theories, deductions on the administration due to it and suggestions which directors could implement in future to avoid this.


Tech Mahindra was created as a joint venture between British Telecom plc. and Mahindra & A ; Mahindra group ( $ 7.1 billion group ) in 1986 under the name of Mahindra British Telecom – MBT, to supply telecom solutions to the British Telecom group. Subsequently on it was renamed as Tech Mahindra as the M & A ; M group bought bulk portions in the Joint Venture, besides to reflect the growing of the client base and variegation in assorted verticals to increase the comprehensiveness of its services, late Tech Mahindra has acquired Satyam Computer Services, a taking planetary concern and information engineering services company ( Techmahindra.com, 2011 )


The Indian IT industry is majorly based on grosss from ITES[ 2 ]outsourcing from major industry participants across the universe. The industry mean abrasion rate is 18 % and the mean pay addition of 15 % is besides making some border force per unit area. The abrasion rate for Tech Mahindra for 2009 was 18.7 % and for 2010 it was 20 % , relatively higher than the industry norm, even more relevant for an administration of head count over 25,000 ( Hindu.com,2009 )

Impact on direct grosss because of abrasion is though a spot elusive, yet replacing experienced employees with fresh alumnuss costs 8-10 % more. Analysts at CLSA[ 3 ]estimation that for every 5 % points of abrasion reduces 150 bits per second from gross border. Its other effects besides include the enlisting and preparation cost and may even ensue in loss of concern because of hapless bringing against equal administrations in multi-vendor contracts ( Indiainfoline.com, 2009 )


Having analysed the impact of abrasion, it ‘s of import for administrations to understate it. There are two types of abrasion, healthy abrasion and unhealthy abrasion. Healthy abrasion is due to grounds of employee promotion like calling alteration, farther instruction, wellness and household grounds. Unhealthy abrasion is largely because the employee is forced to discontinue, grounds like no motive to work, no publicities, political relations in administration etc. impart to unhealthy abrasion.


Assorted grounds, some due to the altering planetary IT scenario and few due to the fiscal crisis have let to boost in abrasion rate. These include people centric industry, campaigners choosing for branded organisations, plentifulness of chances available – taking to low keeping, Fast altering engineerings, objectiveness in rating of the accomplishments, flexi hours, and demand supply gap existent in the IT work force market etc.


Amongst other grounds, the Southern Cross behind the high abrasion rate of Tech Mahindra is the utmost demotivation of employees. There are multiple factors that tend to diminish the motive of employees in the company, most of them are peculiarly relevant to the IT sector and outsources services in India. There are many grounds which lead to demotivation of employees, assorted theories can supply an empirical opinion as to why these cause abrasion and how to manage them.

Retention is the chief concern of the administration these yearss as they spend a batch of money and attempts to develop employees and loss of competent employees could hold inauspicious consequence on the administration profitableness ( Samuel and Chipunza, 2009 ) . William and Werther ( 1996 ) explain that wages is what employees get in exchange for the part they give to the administration. If employees perceive that they are inefficiently rewarded, it is more likely that they would go forth, and replacing them might be dearly-won and non readily available at times. Harmonizing to F W Taylor, Employee gets motivated when they are paid high wage. This was traditional method of actuating employees in the concern civilization, which has been used for extrinsic motive such as wage rises, fillips, and promotions.A This rational economic has been criticised and argued that employee value other things more than money. Kinnear and Sutherland ( 2001 ) assert that directors should non be fooled in believing that money does non count any longer in retaining the employees.

This theory justifies the abrasion due to less salary hikings – Employees expect to acquire good wage hikings, typically in the scope of 15 – 30 % yearly. Due to assorted factors like recession, grasp of Indian rupee etc. , the administration could non go on the usual tendency of salary hikings, which is by far the most of import factor in employee motive.

A figure of factors have been influential in explicating the grounds for employees go forthing Tech Mahindra. These can be classified into intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors. Herzberg argued that employees are motivated by internal factors instead than factors that are external to work. This theory focuses on factors responsible for occupation satisfaction and those for occupation dissatisfaction, and asserts that these are different. Herzberg labelled the satisfiers as incentives and dissatisfiers as hygiene factors. Hygiene factors should be tackled to avoid dissatisfaction but they do non themselves provide satisfaction. These factors can non be assumed as antonyms of each other. The converse of satisfaction is non dissatisfaction, instead it is no satisfaction. Conversely, the antonym of dissatisfaction is no dissatisfaction. The ‘hygiene ‘ factors are company policies, supervising, working conditions, peer – supervisor dealingss, money, position and security. Incentives are achievement, duty, disputing work, acknowledgment for accomplishments, growing and development ( Buchanan & A ; Huczynski, 2010 ) .As per Herzberg employees are merely motivated by incentives or internal factors nevertheless employees are besides influenced by salary, friendly work environment, which helps in keeping of employees.

This theory reasonably much explains the grounds for employee abrasion due to no onsite chance. Onsite chance is another outgrowth of the pecuniary factor, typically in ITES companies where most of the undertakings are outsources by clients abroad. Typically employees get deputed at client locations e.g. US, UK, Europe, APCA. The net incomes throughout the continuance of commission is over 5 times the normal earning in India, so evidently employees look frontward to this chance. Ideally a company should delegate its employees on a rotational footing, Tech Mahindra miserably failed in carry throughing this, as it did non purely follow a rotational policy. To do things worse, other administrations were offering occupations straight at client sites, which lured the employees to switchover to other companies.Management should therefore see both external and internal factor for employee keeping scheme.

Adams ( 1965 ) equity theory says that employee seek to keep balance between the attempt they put in work and wages they get in return. Equity theory says that employee who perceives themselves as under rewarded will experience distress and may harm the administration productiveness ( Prichard et al, 1972 ) . Employee can respond to this state of affairs by discontinuing. Few of the grounds for abrasion in Tech Mahindra are less salary hikings, no acknowledgment of attempt. When faced with unfairness employees tend to do comparing with the employees in another company. If employees stay in company so they react by non working efficaciously and curtailing end product, which harms the administration. This non about merely pecuniary facet, employees feel valued by organizational wagess and acknowledgments excessively. An disposed illustration of this would be No grasp awards, as it an built-in portion of employee motive to regularly appreciate them for their work. These maps are officially embodied in the signifier of wagess and acknowledgment. It ‘s of import for the directors to constantly actuate employees by giving acknowledgment awards to the right performing artists.

Employees ‘ purpose to go on in an administration and remain committed to the work can be explained via the context of Abraham Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands theory. In Maslow ‘s ( 1943 ) theory of motive, there are five set of demands that satisfy single and these include physiological, safety, societal, esteem and self-actualisation demands. This theoretical account predicts that as employees satisfy their demands on one degree, they progress to the demands of following degree as motive for their behavior. Merely the unsated demands influence the employee ‘s behavior, non the satisfied demands. Hallway and Nougaim ( 1968 ) found that higher demands are perceived to be the most critical to employee as they advance in calling. However, the inability of the Tech Mahindra to fulfill the lower degree demands of its employees largely through industry competitory wage, friendly on the job conditions and perchance occupation security might hold combined which resulted in the high rate of abrasion.

A practical illustration of this would be professional growing chances in Tech Mahindra as few employees are caught in the incorrect engineering, and can non alter undertakings due to their dependence on undertakings, harming their professional calling growing which increases demotivation and abrasion.

Not giving salary hiking is one of the grounds but this merely this ground is non sufficient to warrant abrasion rate. As other companies were besides non giving hiking due to recession. This claim agrees with both Herzberg ‘s and Maslow ‘s theories of motive, which propose that wage and other relevant fiscal benefits satisfy merely the lower degree demands of an employee, but employees are motivated and satisfied merely when higher demands are met. Hay ( 1999 ) , Dess et Al. ( 2008 ) province that pecuniary benefits can non be ignored, but money should non move as the primary mechanism to pull and retain endowment because employees who come merely for money will go forth to an administration offering more money. This besides means that money may non actuate certain class of employees like those in managerial degree ; they might acquire demotivated due to other factors.

Internal Politicss in administration is one of such factors. Internal political relations of administration refers to advancing a non-deserving campaigner to higher place due to personal contacts and vested involvements, demotivating other meriting campaigners. At times publicities are hierarchal and non competence based, which once more creates an political orientation of non-performance.

William and Werther ( 1996 ) assert that employee abrasion is accelerated when employees are non satisfied with the wages system in an administration. This is represented in the theoretical account of the effect of wages dissatisfaction by Lawler ( 1991 ) in William and Werther ( 1996 ) as shown in Figure 1. The result of unjust honoring system is dissatisfaction as shown in Figure 1 which affects employee ‘s productiveness and their quality of life. The desire for inordinate wagess might hold negative impact on an employee ‘s public presentation as it might take to cut down public presentation which besides hampers the company ‘s production marks.

An Administration ‘s work civilization is a good explained illustration for this theory as work civilization should be friendly and non excess competitory. An excess competitory work environment raises the importance of acknowledgment and wages system in an administration therefore raising uncertainties about the negative effects of desire for inordinate wagess, doing farther abrasion

Job satisfaction can be explained as the positive attitude and emotion towards one ‘s occupation and work environment ( Locke, 1978 ) . The positive feeling in an employee consequences from their perceptual experience of the extent to which their occupations complement and support accomplishing their personal end. Job dissatisfaction is non merely the chief ground for employees discontinuing the occupation instead even the expectancy of it in a peculiar administration has discouraged others from fall ining the administration. Satisfied employees are more likely to cut down abrasion in an administration ( Pierce et al, 1991 ) . Though occupation satisfaction of employee is hard to judge, but director can increase motive and efficiency is through their leading. Maximal public presentation can be achieved by delegating leader who are both undertaking and relationship oriented ( Gratton et al, 2007 ) .

Potential Leadership jobs in a squad can be a major ground for abrasion, this is due to assorted grounds like directors are non good trained in managing squad, actuating them and going good leaders, which leads to demotivation and farther abrasion.

Fusilier & A ; Durlabhji ( 2001 ) emphasizes on the importance of an person ‘s values. Employees should be involved in companies ‘ internal affairs. This would do them experience valuable.

Another ground for addition in abrasion is HR policies for e.g. companies like Amdocs which have really relaxed HR policies like no frock codification, flexible timings, work at place, place choice and bead by cab which motivates employees to lodge to the same company. In Tech Mahindra such policies are losing, so employees do n’t remain long.


Reflecting upon the findings of the above study on assorted grounds on high abrasion rate of Tech Mahindra, Ashutosh Mishra ( Manger, Change Management, Tech Mahindra, Milton Keynes, U.K. ) asserts that there are assorted factors which are responsible for the abrasion, which the full IT industry is confronting. He besides suggests that the grounds mentioned were adequately dealt with the companies codification of behavior e.g. the salary hiking and publicities in annual assessments are in line with the companies policy of a bell shaped curve in which few employees are rated the best and few the worst based on their public presentations. Onsite chances are as per demands and on a fixed rotational footing. Appreciation wagess are given quarterly based on employees public presentation in the old one-fourth to the best 1 % employees, perchance in a rotational form. Professional growing, as per him, is besides possible in the same undertaking, and let go ofing employees to different is non really easy as it has a batch of branchings particularly if nucleus employees holding high dependence are released, but they are working towards it. He disagrees with any internal political relations and leading issues. Harmonizing to him a competitory work civilization is non damaging to the growing of the employee and organisation ; instead it is the demand of the twenty-four hours. He marks off by stating that the “ company has been working towards incorporating the abrasion rate by continuously puting in larning and development plans for associates, competitory compensation, making a compelling work environment, authorising associates at all degrees and a well-structured wages and acknowledgment mechanism ” ( Ashutosh Mishra, 2011 )


Based on the assorted grounds of abrasion, associated motive theories and feedback from director of Tech Mahindra, following actions are suggested:

Personal Attention – Directors should give personal attending to each employee in their squad and on a regular basis conduct one on one meeting to screen any outstanding issues which might halter employee ‘s growing

Changeless Motivation – directors should appreciate and actuate squad members on a regular basis to maintain them motivated and committed towards the work.

Regular squad meetings – Directors should carry on regular unit of ammunition tabular array squad meetings to ask about any generic squad issues and brief them about the hereafter program, this would give a perceptual experience that the employees are involved more in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern.

Briefing squad pre/post salary hike/awards proclamation – directors should guarantee that there are no difficult feeling in the squad by briefing them about the ways that salary hike/awards have been decided, this would maintain the employee moderately happy and motivated.

Onsite chance and work civilization – Directors should confer with squad members and implement a rigorous rotational policy of onsite resettlement and guarantee that the work environment is non excess competitory maintaining equality amongst the squad members.


Harmonizing to Samuel and Chipunza ( 2009 ) , the chief ground for keeping is to forestall competent employees from go forthing the administration as this could hold damaging effects on productiveness and profitableness of the administration. However, implementing keeping policies has become a ambitious undertaking for directors and Human Resources in a hostile over competitory economic environment.

ITES company with the aid of a balance of motivational theories ; leading constructs catalysed with a new communicating system might be able to accomplish these ends. They will see their abrasion rate cut downing efficaciously to perchance acceptable degree.

Motivation processs play a major function in retaining staff. However, motive is non achieved with the same patterns and processs throughout the universe. Each organisation has to device its ain motive program based on a balance between organisational and single goals.A The general decision is that in Indian IT companies the internal motive factors appear to be more effectual than the classical external 1s.

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