Teamwork and Motivation Essay Example
Teamwork and Motivation Essay Example

Teamwork and Motivation Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2017
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Organizational Motivation Plan

Motivation is defined as forces within the person that history for the way. degree. and continuity of a person’s attempt expended at work. Direction refers to an individuals’ pick when presented with a figure of possible options. Degree refers to the sum of attempt a individual puts Forth. Continuity refers to the length of clip a individual sticks with a given action. ( Schermerhorn. J )

Harmonizing to Alexander Hiam. ( Writer of in Motivational Management: Inspiring Your Peoples for Maximum Performance ) . Directors have a tough occupation. By definition. they must carry through their ends and do their work through the work of others. The old expression that ‘‘If you want something done right. make it yourself’’ has a ring of truth to it. because it is normally harder to acquire employees to make a challenging occupation good th


an to make it yourself. Yet directors must allow travel of their ain impulse to merely step in and do things right. and they must alternatively foster the necessary competences and committedness in their employees. I believe that if you have the most qualified leaders that encourage positive attitudes within the organisations. so half of the conflict is won. The motivational program that I would set in topographic point will be comprised of several Motivational theories such as MBO. Equity. and Expectancy theory.

Measure 1-Establish organisational aims and ends

The organisational ends and aims would be clear. concise. and gettable. The ends will be outlined on a quarterly footing with and ultimate ends identified. Revise the mission statement and place preliminary employee inducements. The immediate aims will dwell of place the causes for merchandise defect. come

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up with a solution. and put the program in action. Therefore. we can diminish our cost by 30 % and diminish our bringing times by 50 % .

Step 2- Communicate aims and ends to employees

In order for everyone to perpetrate to the same end. a communicating program should be developed in order for employees at all degrees to hold the apprehension of the organisational mission. This will be done by carry oning strategic meetings with each section so that specialised attending can be given to any employee who is ill-defined about the freshly implemented procedures. During this clip. suggestions will be taken for the company’s wages system.

Step 3- Identify Cross Functional squad members

A cross functional squad of leaders will be set up. This squad would dwell of directors from each section such as Gross saless. Production. Technology. and Administration. These leaders would run into at regular scheduled times to work together using their expertness and squad thought in order to make a environment in which everyone is working toward a common end. This squad member’s duty would be to place public presentation ends with active engagement from the lower degree squad members. promote growing. and be the voice for their single squads.

Measure 4- Develop formal squads within each section

These squads are comprised of work units that would execute the undertakings assigned by each departmental director which would be a portion of the cross functional squad. The employees should be paired with right undertaking harmonizing to their country of expertness. The preparation of this squad would let every employee the sense of interpersonal relationships with their carbon monoxide workers. participation- every employee has a voice in

the organisation. and achievement. The director would so hold meetings with his or her squad and study advancement and/or concerns to the cross functional squad.

Step 5 –Monitor squad and single public presentation

The rating of the public presentation of the employees will be done on one-year footing for public presentation aims. and quarterly for squad public presentation. These ratings will be conducted through a 360 degree rating procedure. in
which equal. foremans. subsidiary. and self ratings will be utilized. The director would be in charge of placing exceeding work among the squad and upper direction would be responsible for squad ratings.

Step 6- Evaluate and Reward Performance

The rating of the public presentation would travel manus and manus with the wagess plan. Teams would be rewarded quarterly for timely and effectual nonsubjective achievements every bit good as assorted classs in which each squad member would be rewarded for his or her portion in the squad. Employees would acquire merit additions yearly based on the rating of their equals. foremans. subsidiaries. and self ratings. Employees will besides hold the right to gain single fillips for exceeding work. for those employees who go over and beyond for the organisation. These wagess would dwell of intrinsic and extrinsic wagess.

Methods of Employee Motivation

Motivation comes from assorted topographic points. Motivation should get down with the person. so it is of import to pull and engage motivated staff. The key is to maintain them motivated by leting them to experience that their parts to the organisation affair and that they feel appreciated. It is besides been my experience that you have happier employees when they see turn within the organisation and it is so

shared within the organisation by allowing publicities and salary additions. My two methods to actuate the employees in the organisation are: ( in order of importance )

Opportunities for creativeness and advancement- By including all employees in to some sort of squad such as the cross functional squads or functional squad should give the employees a feeling of belonging. committedness. and let them to be originative by giving feedback and thought sharing at the squad meetings.

Team edifice workshops and retreats- The organisation will host workshops for squad edifice every bit good as one-year retreats. This will let the organisation to acquire to cognize their co-workers on a more personal degree. which in bend brings about a sense of chumminess. This chumminess so turns into a squad with regard for all members within the squad. The retreats besides serve clip for everyone to wind off and come back refreshed and ready to work.

Methods Of Motive For Minimal Pay Employees

Minimal pay employees are really hard o motivate at times. They are typically immature with small experience and low wage. But merely like any other undertaking. all it takes is some attempt to understand the demands of your mark. I have came up with some thoughts to actuate this qualities of workers. they are:

Training opportunities- I would supply developing chances by implementing a mentoring plan partner offing the employees with older more experience workers so that they can larn their occupations faster and develop assurance in their abilities. I would besides hold tuition reimbursement to promote these employees to construct on their cognition of the field they’re in.

Opportunity for advancement- Along with equal preparation. I would besides offer the

option of Job rotary motion so that the employees can derive experience in other countries of the organisation. hence when there is an chance they already have some experience in the country and they can be promoted.

This would besides let staff to happen out if they are good at other things in other sections.

Rewards – I would acknowledge employees who demonstrate model attempts by showing them with certifications in forepart of their squad and posting their names in the company intelligence missive. or acknowledging them as the employee of the month with a nice write up about their achievements at the retreats. Besides. there may be a pecuniary fillip given to a singular employee quarterly. This gives all employees something to work towards.

Motivating work environment- Creating this type of environment is really of import because if direction isn’t taking in a manner that promotes growing. so the organisation fails as a whole. I would do certain that all directors are decently trained to be leaders every bit good as wise mans. Everyone at some point demands words of encouragement and I want my directors to be equipped with agencies of supplying the staff with words of encouragement.

Clayton Alder’s ERG Theory supports my motivational attempt. This theory states that there are three demands: Being needs- desires for physiological and material well being. Relatedness needs- desire for fulfilling interpersonal relationships. and Growth- desires for continued personal growing and development.

The Single Worker In Today’s Organisational Context

Judith Heerwagen wrote “Although many factors finally contribute to the altering forms of work. organisational theoreticians point to two cardinal drivers: Increasing force per unit areas on organisations to be more competitory. agile.

and client focused—to be a “lean endeavor. ” Communication and information engineering discovery. particularly nomadic engineerings and the Internet that enable work to be separated from clip and infinite. ” Over the past few decennaries Organizational construction and demands have evolved. Because of the quickly engineering promotion. the accomplishments required by employers are increasing. It used to be plenty for you to hold the accomplishment set to one peculiar occupation. but now you are required to be interchangeable between multiple places.

They want you to be a wide mind. which is believing “outside the box” . There are now increased usage of squads and cross unit work and more force per unit area for communicating and information flow. That means that before you needed to be “a squad player” . now you are required to be portion of a squad. In today’s society. there is small room for the individualist. now in organisations you are looked at as a portion of a squad and your success is tied to the success of the squad and non as an person. This unfortunately means less chance for promotion. which indicates that you would usually be recognized as an outstanding employee and when the chance presented itself. you received a publicity. Employees are now hidden within the squad and non recognized for single attempts which can do employees loose motive. There needs to be a manner for employees to experience that they are doing a difference even as portion of the squad. or there will be more loafing traveling on than existent teamwork.

Individual Work to Teamwork

  1. Individual worker
  2. Team member
  3. Negotiations
  4. Listen more that you talk
  5. Me oriented
  6. Team


  • Departmental focused
  • Team Focused
  • Competitive
  • Concerted
  • Logical
  • Team thought
  • Written messages
  • Group Communication
  • Image
  • Team image
  • Secrecy
  • Shared information and feedback
  • Short-term sighted
  • Long-run ends
  • Immediate consequences
  • Objective or mission accomplishments
  • Critical
  • Open Minded
  • Tenure
  • Long term planning
  • Mentions

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