The Manifestation Of Hedonism In Malaysian Entertainment Theology Religion
The Manifestation Of Hedonism In Malaysian Entertainment Theology Religion

The Manifestation Of Hedonism In Malaysian Entertainment Theology Religion

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  • Published: October 28, 2017
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The aim of this paper is to place the effects and grade of hedonism in Malaysia. The survey is conducted utilizing secondary beginnings. The determination of this paper is indicated that hedonism occurs in Malayan amusement industry via the excessive of exposure persuasive advertizements and enormous sum of world show in local telecasting.

1. Introduction

Entertainment is any activity that is designed to please and, to a smaller grade, enlighten through the exhibition of the lucks or bad lucks of others, but besides through the show of particular accomplishments by other and or self ( Bates & A ; Ferri, 2010 ) . It has been portion of civilizations. Peoples from different civilizations have different ways to entertain themselves. For case, the traditional Malaysians tend to divert themselves by playing congkak, gasing and many more. Therefore, amusement has become the individuality of one ‘s civilization. As the life goes on, amusement and media industry have been developing since the debut of electronic telecasting in the late 1920s ( Maggie, 2008 ) .



wever, this transmutation has resulted to several impacts toward the local amusement industry. For case, the recent analysis on Malayan amusement in electronic media specifically has showed that this industry has adopted inordinate component of Western civilizations or in other word it has been westernized ( Shriver, 2002 ) . As a consequence of this procedure, most local telecasting plans tend to exhibit the component of hedonism implicitly. Recent research workers have proved that one of the hedonistic demands is amusement ( O’Brien, 2010 ) . Hedonism fundamentally derived from the ancient Greek term which is “ hedone ” . It means pleasance, joy or lecherousness ( Mees & A ; Schmitt, 2008 ) . Hedonism as defined by Crisp ( 2006 ) is the position that human action is motivated by a concern for the greatest expected balance of pleasance over hurting. Further, harmonizing to pagan, what is good for any person is the gratifying experience in one ‘s life and what is painful considered as bad. Therefore, the life best for an person is that with the greatest balance of enjoyment over agony.

Entertainment in Islam

Entertainment in Islam is an issue which has been debated across clip. It has no certainty whether it is prohibit or allowable or in Islam is called dhan ( O?U†US. ( . However, this issue should non be the ground Muslim being divided and separated. Harmonizing to Yusuf Al-Qaradawi in his book al-halal wa al-haram fi al-Islam, amusement can be allowable and prohibited harmonizing the state of affairs. It is nature of human being to be entertained and entertaining others. Entertainment is prohibited when it is associated with things which forbidden so it is prohibit. It is in line with an Islamic legal axiom which says “ what lead to haram than it is haram ” . With the coming of engineering, the amusemen

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industry has flourished and become vastly popular. Unite this with the exponential progresss in engineering, and the consequence is an increasing figure of ways to divert ourselves. Harmonizing to Pahrol ( 2011 ) in Solusi, Entertainment in Islam by and large can be divided into two ; primary and secondary. Primary amusement is the amusement that is purposes to pleasure Allah such as supplication, zikr, declaiming Al-Qur’an and more. Secondary amusement on the other manus is amusement that intends to delight oneself in allowable manner. However, how Muslims scholars specify amusement? In Malaysia, the amusement has its ain guidelines or ordinance to be followed. Harmonizing to Perlis Islamic Legislation Council ( 1970 ) amusement is include the vocalizing and music with instruments or without that is allowable as long it is non against the few conditions ; I ) The plans were organized has good benefits, two ) Dress modestly and cover themselves, iii ) Not to blend male childs and girls up to mischievousness and noncompliance stimulate, four ) Lyrics quality and does non conflict with Islamic jurisprudence and V ) Topographic point of public presentation that does non ask for immorality. If these guidelines is broken so it has reach the position of prohibition or haram. Therefore, from these conditions we should be cleared whether the amusement today is harmonizing to Islam or non. This fatwa was done on Malayan civilization but is it still applicable presents?


Hedonism requires leisure clip and personal wealth. No state in all of universe history has of all time been every bit hedonic as the United States now is. Americans now spend more money on enjoyable chases of all types than on faith and instruction combined ( as cited in William S. Banowsky, 1969 ) . Hedonism besides occurs in Malaysia. Hedonism makes Muslims easy quarry for Christians, turning hedonism, philistinism and liberalism among Muslim have weakened their religion and made them easy for Christianization. ( Malayan insider 4 April 2012 ) . Many research have been conducted to analyze hedonism, small is known about the thrust behind their behavior. Thus it is necessity for a survey to be conducted to place the manifestation of hedonism particularly in Malaysia.

3. RESEARCH Question

What are the effects of hedonism toward Malayan amusement?

To what extent Malayan society involve in hedonism?


1. To place the consequence of hedonism toward Malayan amusement.

2. To analyze the grade of hedonism in Malayan society.


Malaya is considered one of Islamic universe most modern and unfastened societies. Although Malaysians to the full embrace their ain cultural and Asiatic values, influences from foreign civilizations and values such as those of the West transmitted by the media are by and large accepted. In Malaysia, these influences from the media are considered portion of the media globalisation procedure. More influences from the West, which conflict with Asiatic values, began to be transmitted in signifiers of Western telecasting genres with the launch of Malaysia ‘s first authorities controlled satellite telecasting station in 1997. Although the content is censored by the

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