Principles Of The Rukun Negara Theology Religion Essay Example
Principles Of The Rukun Negara Theology Religion Essay Example

Principles Of The Rukun Negara Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 4, 2017
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The rules of the Rukun Negara formulated by National Consultative Council with together headed by our 2nd premier curate, Tun Abdul Razak at 31 August 1970. The intent of formation of this national rules are to created integrity of assorted race in Malaysia after the public violences of different races at May 13th 1969 in Malaysia. That public violences happened had proven the Malayan racial issues and stableness had fragile.

The formation of `` Rukun Negara '' are one of the method to get the better of the racial issues between different races in Malaysia after the May 13th incidents has happened which involved 100s of people are decease in that peculiar incident. It happened when after election at twelvemonth 1969 where Parti Tindakan Rakyat ( DAP ) dan Gerakan acquire a really good respond from the consequenc


e of the election. Emanation was held by them aim for incident of one young person Chinese was killed in conflict with police officers before the election was held. UMNO was felt be challenged of the consequence of the election although them still win the bulk seats in parliament.

Datuk Harun Idris led the public violences happened. Purpose of this provocative emanation happened was to put fire to the spirit of patriotism of every races in Malaysia. This public violence happened until the constabulary force was unable to command the state of affairs. Army force had to be called to assist patrol force to command the state of affairss.

This incidents has made all the leaders in Malaysia has realized of importance of unity issues of assorted races in the state. In the official study, there are sums of 493 people

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was injured and 196 people are reported decease of that incidents. Emergency in the state was declared by our Yang Dipertua Agong, with advices from our first premier curate, Tunku Abdul Rahman based on article 150 in fundamental law of federal Malaysia.

The Rukun Negara can be related with several topographic point that we visit in the trips. The first rule can associate with Batu Caves and National Palaces. Batu Caves are rich with Hinduism cultural. The cultural still preserved until today that let us to enable to analyze and acquire to cognize the elements and everything cultural about Hinduism. National Palaces are rich with Islam faiths and cultural. Inside the castles, batch of architectures are follow Islam and assorted with Hinduism elements to construct with it. Switch of the visible radiation and fans are made of gold plated, which represent the wealthy and higher category people in society.

National Museum represent the topographic point to allow all the people to entree the past cultural and present cultural in Malaysia. In museum, we can entree different races businesss, cultural, rites and behaviour being pattern in past and until current today in Malaysia. It besides show us how the life, ritual and cultural of Orang Asli in Malaysia.

Examine carefully the importance of Rukun Negara for our state ; how it cultivate societal construction and societal organisation in society.

We are acknowledging that Rukun Negara was of import to our state in Malaysia. Rukun Negara was created to run into it 's intent of integrity of assorted race in Malaysia, and prevent the public violences of races happened once more within the state. Analysis of each elements of national rules


in God

State and the State was created based on a strong belief in God. It would do the autonomous state or state thru these faiths belief. The Federal Constitution declared that Islam is the official faith of the Federation, but other faith and beliefs can be practiced in freedom and repose. Any actions favoritism against any citizen on evidences based on faith are prohibited. Pillars of the drafters of the commission acknowledge the importance of belief in God and faith in human life. Acknowledging the importance of community members keeping hardiness against their spiritual instructions, this rule has been selected as the first rule of the Rukun Negara.

Loyalty to King and Country

Malaysia patterns a system of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy with His Majesty the King as Head of State. Loyalty to King and state means that every citizen should be devoted faithful, honest and sincere to His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. At the province degree, the citizens are required to give trueness to the male monarch who ruled the land where they reside without cut downing commitment to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

The Supremacy of the Constitution

This rule pressing demand for people to accept, obey and support the Constitution of the state or glorification. Fundamental law is the highest legal beginning. Its map is to supply protection to every citizen of this state because of their privileges and rights as citizens in this state. The Malayan citizens are required to esteem, appreciate, and understand the significance and content every bit good as the historical background of the formation of the National Constitution. Constitution was drafted based on consensus of all parties and races within

the state. Thus the societal contract that people can non be questioned about it and threatened by any single or any party. Fundamental law of Malaysia made for find the form of socio-economic and political place of the citizens in this state.

The Rule of Law

Justice based on the regulation of jurisprudence where all citizens equal before the jurisprudence in the state lawfully. Cardinal freedoms guaranteed to all citizens of Malaysia. State jurisprudence based on the Constitution. Thus the demand to be accepted and defended its sovereignty. Without the jurisprudence, societal and province life is non peaceable and stable. By the Torahs of the state are guaranteed by an independent bench and competent. Every state needs Torahs to modulate and make peaceable, prosperity and stableness in society. The being of the jurisprudence will vouch a life member of the community can travel with freedom and orderly, without any perturbation which non threated the safety of other citizens in the state. The rights of all people can pattern freely every bit long as no misdemeanor of the jurisprudence every bit good every bit things as guaranteed by the Constitution. The freedoms right declared in the Fundamental law does non intend citizens have the right to subvert the current authorities.

Courtesy and Morality

These five rules to stress the development of one 's personality and behaviour of the people. The purpose is to organize citizens ' courtesy and manners in line with the run Courtesy and Noble Values aˆ‹aˆ‹conducted now. Individual nature of courtesy and manners are the most of import and meaningful in the elements of relationships with other assorted races within the state. Attitude of courtesy and manners

should be taught and practiced to develop the person and society every bit good as high subject and morality that will assist make harmonious in the society. Conduct hatred and condemn this behaviour or act chesty or pique any individual or category. Polite behaviour within the individual are contains of high grade of morality in his / her life.

Importance of Rukun Negara are create integrity among the different races, Chinese, Malay and Indians in Malaysia. In the national rules, it has avoid any racial issues happened between among the three chief racial in the state. It was jurisprudence binding for those spells against with it will be arrested.

National Principles besides create map as a counsel in the formation of one state in the state regardless of faith and race. It has become of import guidelines for authorities in Malaysia ruled the state.

National rules besides creates the manner of democracy life in the Malaysia state. In the federal fundamental law, it was stated pattern of democracy must in component for regulating in states of Malaysia. The fundamental law are about same like United States. National rules besides to function intent of create the society, which the wealth of the state shall be equitably shared among the state. It besides to guarantee the broad attack of diverseness and rich of different cultural traditions within Malayan states.

In first elements of national rules, non one were racial, each citizens of Malaysia was respect each other cultural, traditions and faiths been pattern by different races. In today, we can see the effects created by the national rule in our state, Malaysia. Every races still pull off to acquire assorted good

by each other.

Different races mix good together

Second component in national rules are made the citizens in Malaysia have love and trueness to their state and Kings. Not merely that, they are expected to be love their leaders as good. In Today, although we can see Sultan are functionless in our state, but Malaysians are non traveling to oppose the Sultan but to love the Sultan more and esteem them as there are one of the leaders in Malaysia. We can saw Malaysia are developing far behind than Singapore. But, we still love our state as we can see the forte of Malaysia are united three races in one state one state, which this grounds are attracted the foreign tourers come and visit to Malaysia.

Third elements in national rules enable the citizens in Malaysia live in democracy manner in their state. There is freedom to patterns their ain rites, cultural and besides spiritual for each races. Every citizens have their right and ain voice to protest the incorrect making in the society. Very good illustration are mentioning to `` Bersih Campaign '' . It is one of the democracy manner for Malayan citizens to voice out their disgruntled with the incorrect making in past elections.

Bersih Campaign

The Law Binding were cultivate the society go more watchful when they commit any illegal activity. One of the illustration, any drug trafficking was arrested and had been judged by tribunal, it will have punishment as dead sentences in concluding.

The last rule has enabled all the citizens to construct up better or superior personality which consist good moral and behaviour. The higher-up of personality are the of import elements of the

development of the state. It besides able to avoid any public violences happened within the state among the different race. In opposite, it able to make harmoniousness among the race for assisting each other, complement each other which gave a fast lane for a state to go developed state. Crime rate besides can be cut down at the same clip. Hence, the Ultimate end of Rukun Negara besides can be achieved at the same clip.

Different races of Bersih Activists aid to salvage out the victim which hit by police officers auto in Bersih Campaign. They finally help police officers acquire out of the auto after they save the victim of accident.

In my sentiment, national rules have it 's importance and it have affect the Malayan society to acquire united even better compared with clip at post- independent. In today, we can see everyone can hold different races of friend in their life. The freedom of Malayan citizen to pattern their cultural and rites without anyone limitations are astonishing, it has attracted the different state tourers merely to come and see the Malaysia for sing this multiracial cultural in Malaysia. In today, we able to see even we from different races but they truly help each other when we have difficulty in some state of affairss. My personal experience, when there are a accidents occurs, I can see the Malays and Indians come and assist out each other.

But, we still can see some group of people which have power in political and place which seen Rukun Negara as nil. Here, i non wish to mention anyone in Malaysia, but we normally know what is really happened

in our state. Death of Teoh Beng Hock was still became mystery until today, although tribunal had given concluding judgement as he commit suicide. We still can see many corruptnesss happened around the state, which the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission can non make anything on it because the inordinate power involve which can overwrite everything and manage run off from judgements including legislative.

In decision, Rukun Negara are play really of import functions in Malaysia. It gave peace among our state. It besides born good personality of the citizens, which love their everything in their place state. Unity among the races are become the forte of Malaysia toward other states in all around the universe.

Others discussion inquiries

Examine Malaysian offense rate and analysis the statistics based on Roberts Merton 's Typology of Deviance.

In Robert Merton theory of Deviance typology, there are consist of five elements in fundamentally. There are conformance, invention, ritualism, retreatism and rebellion. Basically, he explain about perverts behavior becomes offense when the offense excessively riotous and unmanageable thru informal countenances. All signifiers of aberrance are related with offense. ( Tepperman, L. , & A ; Curtis, J. ( 2006 ) . Principles of Sociology: Canadian Positions, p. 117. Oxford University Press, Canada. ISBN 0-19-542348-8. )

Conformity are refer to achieved of social ends by societal 's agencies which both of them are accepted by society. Invention is the achieving ends by utilizing unacceptable manner by the society. Pioneers ever think and take of originative ways to accomplish their ends, which the creative ways are non accept by society at most of the times. Meanwhile, Ritualism is the agencies accepted by society but the loss of the

ends. Although they has rejected the ends, but they still continue the agencies. Retreatism is the rejection of both the ends and agencies. They frequently find a manner to get away from ends and agencies. Rebellion are same intending with retreatism but they are with new ends and new agencies. Merton defined invention and ritualism are the pure instances, it is because both instances there is a discontinue to implied and prosecute between ends and agencies.

Based on Malaysia statistics related with offense and jurisprudence, there are 14 type of offenses. In concern of addition figure of offenses are violent offenses, belongings offenses, commercial and consecutive commercial codification offenses. Violent offenses are included instance of slaying, colza, fire armed gang robbery, pack robbery without pieces. Property offenses covered larceny of truck/van, auto, bit larcenies and burglary. Commercial offenses covered those trick in concern trade, condemnable breach of trust, the deceitful abuse of belongings and others related.

Relation between Malaysia offense rate and Robert Merton theory, He try to say that aberrances. There is an version by the people to dominant the civilization in the society. As the grows between the agencies and ends, the people will see the most internal struggle. Good illustration, a hapless people desired in-between category people end, such as a new LCD telecasting in the place. They find trouble of agencies to accomplish their ends, in consequence they felt emphasis. He argued that they use illicit manner to carry through a legitimate end. Very good illustration, stealing are one of related component of offenses rate and Robert theory. Thief choose to utilize stealing ways to accomplish their end of get money to last

in this society. This term called as inventions, and the stealer called as pioneers.

Ritualism has some similarity jobs with pioneers ' experience. But, they choose to decline for achieving the end, and go on with their agencies ( ways to accomplish the end ) . Example, some people know the manner of their achieve the end are non traveling to work, but they still pattern the ways.

Best manner to depict retreatism are mentioning to drug nuts. They did non take the manner to accomplish the end, they besides refuse to accomplish to end. They choose to get away from everything.

Rebellion are mentioning group of people or single who reject the norms, ends, and values of society, which they choose travel for another new norms, ends, and values which do non be in that peculiar society.

Sometime, it is a society itself led the offense happened. Examples, everyone was addicted with the New IPhone which cost really expensive in monetary value. But, because of the society 's demand force per unit area, everyone indispensable has one by themselves. Some of them might be non afford, they choose perform aberrance ways to accomplish the cost which enables they to purchase the phone, including bargain, rob and involved in harlotries.

Father and female parent should play a really of import function in learning their kids which are ethical ways to execute a determination. It same travel with instructors and lectors in survey establishments. Morality values should concentrate by the instructors in school for their pupil. Father and female parent should go of function to be learn their kids should non fall into the fast one of aberrance typology.

In decision, everyone

has the duty for justice whether the ethical determination has been made for bulk benefit and understanding in the society.

Measure the position of adult females in footings of calling and instruction in Malaysia comparison with United States, Kuwait and Nigeria.

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