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On the 18th August 2012, I was privileged to hold accompanied a friend to a Church nuptials that was held at the St. Peters Anglican Church in the Gold Coast. This peculiar nuptials was organized by the bride ‘s household, whom are Australian. However, the groom ‘s household was originated in Singapore. The groom was an Indian dead person that was born and raised here in Australia. Eventhough, the households involved were from Singapore and Australia, the nuptials was conducted in a manner where it satisfies both the household of the bride and groom. Eventhough the close household of the groom have adapted the Australian civilization, the drawn-out household of the groom still lives and pattern the traditions from a Indian civilization. This causes them to transport out the ceremonial with Indian related subjects.The peculiar event is considered a major event in Australian civilization as it is a ceremonial that Australians go through one time in their life ( Lal, 2007 ) . Bing a pupil who has been brought up in a really rigorous Malay civilization, the nuptials protocols are non the same.

I chiefly take this is event is because I have merely one time seen a church nuptials but ne’er have I seen a church nuptials with elements from an Indian civilization. Eventhough Malaysia is known as a multicultural state, I have ne’er been to an Indian nor Christian nuptials. Since Australia is a preponderantly Christian state, with around 64 per cent of all Australians placing as Christians ( Department of Foreign Affairs and Trades, 2011 ) . Eventhough Christian is a faith, a nuptials ceremonial is more of a cultural event.

My initial outlook was that this nuptials would be nil different than the nuptialss portrayed in films or telecasting. This was nevertheless proven incorrect as the ceremonial was done in a manner where they were married in forepart of a priest, but their frock codification and protocol was different from the usual church nuptials.


Malaysia is a state known for its multiculturalism. Bing a Malayan, I was brought up in a Malay civilization and we tend to be unfastened to other civilizations. However, as I was turning up, I have ne’er attended a marrying other than Malay nuptialss. This led me to my astonishment towards a nuptials from another civilization. It was a beautiful ceremonial and I am considered lucky as these events do non normally come frequently. I was blessed to be a portion of the ceremonial and was greeted with unfastened weaponries. It was an unusual feeling as the nuptialss that I have attend in Malaysia, I was ever left out as Malay nuptialss would normally affect the grownups and adolescents or immature grownups were left out from doing readyings or officially take part in the ceremonial itself.

The ceremonial began at precisely 9 am, where all the invitees were requested to happen their sitting before 8.30 am. The ceremonial lasted for merely 2 and a half hr. This is one of a critical point of my observations as a traditional Malay nuptials would normally distribute out through 3 yearss, of which, everyday there were different things to be done. On the 2nd twenty-four hours of a Malay nuptials, the whole party will do their manner to the mosque where the nuptials is officialise. ( This portion of the nuptials is really similar to the church nuptials in footings of spiritual value. ) With a Malay nuptialss, people would get tardily and still be considered as acceptable where every bit in a church, the clip upon reaching plays a really critical function as if you come late you ‘d hold to mouse in softly in order to be in the ceremonial. This had shown how eventhough I was brought up in a multicultural environment, the sense of classification still occurs.

Upon geting, I was seated on the fifth row on the right side confronting the communion table. I was seated entirely and non cognizing anyone that was around me. At first I was disappointed as I was forced to sit through the marrying entirely as my friend was seated on the 2nd row, but the party on the fifth row were instead nice and friendly ( They were the groom ‘s high school friends ) . It turns out that this was already a sitting agreement. It turns out that the seating was arranged harmonizing to family/ friend position. The closer you are to the bride and groom, the closer you siting. I found this interesting as I did n’t believe that the seating had any significance towards ceremonial before go toing this ceremonial.

The ceremonial beginning was quiet informal because the indicant of the ceremonial to get down was with a melody played through the organ. I was quiet daze as the whole church was speaking quietly to each other and all of the sudden, the music plays. It startled me rather a spot as I assumed that the nuptials would get down with an proclamation. Even so, I saw that everyone was kept calm even when the organist played from out of the blue, which I can state that to guest who ne’er really seen a church nuptials, would n’t cognize when the ceremonial will get down.

Problem statement

Bing able to witness and able to prosecute into a church nuptials, I was to place a few communicating jobs between 2 civilizations that celebrate a similar event. Eventhough Malay and Australian civilization differs, the nuptials ceremonial of a Church nuptials would n’t raise many trouble to interact with the Malay civilization. However, interaction between the two groups will do a few troubles. These jobs include that misinterpreted made by one group towards the other and the subculture that differ with the 2 civilizations.

Phases of the perceptual experience procedure

As it was mentioned, I had found that eventhough I was unfastened to a assortment of civilization, I would ever associate towards my ain civilization. This is what is called influence of civilization towards civilization. Percept is by and large defined as the procedure by which a individual assimilates and makes usage of centripetal informations. In other words, perceptual experience is the choice, organisation, and reading of centripetal informations. Peoples behave in conformity with what they perceive. Cook and Hunsaker ( 2001 ) conveying out this fact in their account of the significance of perceptual experience. Harmonizing to them, “ it is the critically of import procedure that helps people define their universe and supply hints for steering their behavioraˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦our perceptual experiences are our personal world, whether they are nonsubjective or non ” .A A Our perceptual experience determines our behavior.

Through the 3 phases of perceptual experience, I will associate towards the illustration of when I saw the sense of punctual was really of import towards Australian civilization towards a similar event in a Malay civilization. The first phase was the choice procedure, where when one selects what they see and choose to ignore others. The choice procedure consists of selective perceptual experience and selective exposure. This when I had used the selective perceptual experience ; when alternatively of allowing the thought of what clip you arrive being a large job, I choose to see the promptness as a little job. Selective exposure is when you choose to expose yourself towards your ain beliefs. It is when situating that persons prefer exposure to statements back uping their place over those back uping other places. In this instance, I had choose to support and oppugn this pattern as it does non look like a large of trade.

The 2nd phase of perceptual experience is the classification. In this phase, the perceptual experience procedure organizes the sensed impression in the head, doing it ready to be shaped up in open response ( IBM, 2011 ) . This is when all the stimuli organize and categorise all the information from phase one and makes it a whole class. In my instance, I had categorized the two different positions into Malay civilization and Australian civilization. This is where the whole procedure could take to either a negative or positive reaction. Because of the two class, the clique and outgroup, the reading may do a possible negative consequence. The clique, in this instance Malay civilization, is more bias towards me as Ingroup ( ‘us ‘ ) represents a particular category of rank group characterized by internal coherence among its members. An clique is a group whose norms, aspirations, and values shape the behavior of its members.

The 3rd and concluding phase or the perceptual experience procedure is the reading. When construing stimuli, we try to use elements of acquaintance to it, pulling upon contexts and cognition we already have in order to assist us understand. At this phase I had already put my head set to stating that promptness should n’t be a large issue. This is besides the phase where I execute the response of which when I meet up with my friend after the nuptials, I started to oppugn the ground and seek for account. This is frequently deceptive as if person who encounters a similar scenario, they would move otherwise. ( Like alternatively of inquiring about, they might straight and pigeonhole )


As the bride and groom drove off in an Mercedes, I realized that the perceptual experience that I have I based on subculture, specifically media civilization and regional civilization. State what you want about prevailing modern civilization, it is n’t everyone ‘s bag. Some people appreciate things that skew otherwise than the cultural norm. Other people, like younger coevalss, ca n’t look to happen a function in the civilization of past coevalss, and so put out to make their ain. Still others latch on to a new development and attempt to construct it into something large, something that may one twenty-four hours reshape the norm.

The media civilization refers to the influence of mass media towards a certain group of society to move towards hammering a new individuality. This would hold happen to this nuptials if it was n’t for the two contradictory subculture of the bride and groom. The bride, who grew up in Australia, ever wanted a marrying done in Eden. Whereas the groom, who eventhough exhausted half his life in Australia, wanted a simple nuptials as he spent most of clip turning up in Singapore. Therefore he had choose to fall under the regional civilization.

From this nuptials, we can see that the two nuptialss were assorted and their subcultures were merged. This nevertheless will non convey the consequence in a Malay civilization. If two people from different subcultures choose to acquire married, a household feud will probably to happen. This is because Malay civilization is a collectivized civilizations, where every determination made is ever seen as a whole and really mutualist


Before I had attended this nuptials, I had this image in my caput that a batch of modern nuptialss would drop all the traditional values of a church nuptials. However this nuptials was n’t it. They stuck to seemingly a proper church marrying with written vows and existent flowers. Due to media civilization, I had ever thought that a nuptials has to be really large with bells and a batch of ornaments.

I had besides thought that if you are neither a comparative nor a friend of the bride and groom, you would be justice and be left out. I was welcomed by the whole household of both parties. They nice and seem to be distributing the joy of love from their kids to others. When I informed them of my assignment, they were more thrilled when they found out I was utilizing their nuptials as an assignment. The groom ‘s male parent even invited over for tea the following twenty-four hours as he gave more and more penetration on the bride and groom, of which I attended to acquire a deeper cognition on the civilization behind a church nuptials.

This nuptials had besides made me realized that eventhough I was born raised in a multicultural environment, I still have a batch of failings towards opening up to other civilization.

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