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This journal article illustrates the relationship between faith and concern. The purpose of this diary is to show how work and religion are profoundly related, and how people like to populate an incorporate life where work and religion are concerned. It is through the 4 E ‘s ( Ethics, Expression, Experience and Enrichment ) as stated by Miller, that I was able to explicate how faith and work go manus in manus, i.e. in the first portion of this journal article. In add-on, in the 2nd portion I have shown that how the Ten Commandants through its instructions influences the determination devising of people who follow faith and in bend has an consequence on concern. Christians, Jews and Muslims severally have their ain different Ten Commandments which influence the positions and behavior of different administrations and persons which in bend affects the manner concern is conducted. I have tried to explicate the same by utilizing the two most followed faiths in the universe Islam and Christianity.


Religion, Islam, Christianity, World Economy, Competition, Ethics, International

Business, Social Responsibility.


This diary is a qualitative analysis which reports the literature written from about 13 different diaries and cyberspace beginnings.


This paper illustrates that there is a relationship between faith and concern, whether it be Christianity or Islam and besides faith has a great influence towards the direction ‘s behavior and determination devising when making concern in states where faith has an influence.


Let me get down by stating that if we use the words concern and faith in one statement, there is a certain certainty, that many would take offense. There is nevertheless a strong passion among most western states and societies that they do non and besides that they ( concern and faith ) should ne’er be assorted, as stated by ( Lagace 2001 ) . But on the other manus this diary provinces and besides provides information on how faith controls the connexions and methods applied in countries of the planetary economic system and trade. It besides helps in supplying cognition on moralss in concern and economic and socio cultural duty from a spiritual position. Further we are traveling to discourse how faith has an consequence on concern looking at two major faiths in the universe Muslim and Christianity and the Ten Commandments of both the faiths. Besides utilizing the 4 E ‘ derived by Miller we will understand how Faith and Work are integrated by persons at their workplace.


Through this behavioral theoretical account of the 4 E ‘s by Miller we will take a expression at how the societal beliefs, values, attitude, perceptual experience and behavior forms of employees and workers have an consequence on concern and direction determinations as most of these values have an impact in and on their topographic point of work.

It has been noticed that some bookmans have really ignored and sidelined the relationship between faith and concern, while some say that spiritual instructions still have a immense impact on worlds, in footings of human behavior, general attitudes and motives, including on moralss and values in concern which in bend have an consequence on the market topographic point. Further to explicate the relationship between faith and concern the following celebrated theoretical theoretical account developed by Miller in 2007 called the ITB ( The Integration Box ) can be used to explicate how adult females and work forces wish to populate an incorporate life where work and religion are concerned. Peoples by and large are no longer willing to take a life of bifurcation where their religion and work life have been divorced. For many people nevertheless populating a holistic and healthy life means uniting the head, spirit and organic structure in all walks of life including work. This theoretical account nevertheless states that people who wish to populate an incorporate life irrespective of spiritual religion, caste, credo, race or civilisation ever follow one of the four Tocopherol ” s ( Ethical motives, Expression, Experience and Enrichment ) ( Miller 2007 ) as mentioned in the ITB. The 4 E ‘s are by and large determined by the persons desire to integrate work and religion. Furthermore it is stated that everyone has an disposition towards the 4 E ‘s as their primary look of life to the construct of uniting work and religion. Associating to the ITB theory is that the 4 E ‘s are valid, and that no one look is good or bad or better or worse than the other. Each has their ain characteristics of good and bad points. The diagram nevertheless explains the 4 E ‘s with its definition and some motives mentioned below which will assist you better understand the integrating between religion and work.

Definitions of the manifestations and their corresponding motives: THE FOUR E’s.png

Beginning: ( Miller 2007 )

Motivations of the 4 E ‘s:

Ethical motives Type: Guides, compels and besides motivates one to take moral actions with respects to faith and spiritualty.

Expression Type: Using the freedom of look they convince others to fall in their belief and believe their position with respects to faith.

Experience Type: They by and large search for some value in the work they do, they besides search for some significance and intent for the work they conduct.

Enrichment Type: Using the enrichment type it helps them garner comfort and energy for work ; it besides helps them pull off the work force per unit area and jobs at work and helps them happen cognition and growing from work ( Miller 2007 ) .

There is nevertheless a critical position to the TIB theory that it is really wide in nature in its positions whether it is spiritual or secular. The TIB theory by and large applies itself so it can be applied to an organisational environment with different religions, whether it is an educational trust, a publically listed company or if it a in private owned concern or even a non-profit organisation. It nevertheless directs its theory at persons so that they become more cognizant and by and large respect others at their workplace and besides their spiritual traditions. At an organisational degree the proprietor might do alterations in their organisation so that they can maintain a cheque on certain forms, maintain a balance with people from different civilizations or races, policy congruency, and besides to steer and put some managerial determinations ( Miller 2007 ) . However the TIB theory helps both persons and the organisations understand how both work and religion are profoundly integrated by people, and for organisations who would wish to be able to pull off and equilibrate the phenomena of religion and spiritual values at work. We farther require an attested assessment without which, neither directors nor employees will non be able to acknowledge and understand utile concern proposals of work and religion which by and large provides the foundation for the 4 E ‘s at work. Acknowledging the relationship between work and religion is really of import and timely as it includes issues such as concern moralss, human rights, managerial leading, and making concern internationally. At a corporate degree if the organisation has adequate information about the 4 E ‘s and the general forms of work and religion, it will decidedly convey benefits to concern which will include a more diverse organisation, there will be lesser favoritism and torment at workplace, there will be respect for people from different civilizations, religions, worldviews which will take to a positive consequence on concern moralss, besides the relationship between employees, less keeping and more enlisting. However if this theory can be assessed farther the employees and directors will decidedly profit on a personal degree, and on a corporate degree every bit good ( Miller 2007 ) .

Religion and its socio-cultural and economic impact on concern, saying the effects of 2 major faiths Christianity and Islam on concern:

We will further analyse how faith has an consequence on the planetary economic system and economic systems of states. It has been stated that pre 9/11 some bookmans did non pay much attending to faith, in context to, the growing of the economic system ( Philpott 2002 ) . However a more recent survey on globalisation by ( Pipa 2000 ) shows that concern has been influenced by some spiritual beliefs and altering grade in an economically based system. Many nevertheless are of the position that foreign values will take over the local values because of globalisation mentioned in ( Foreign Policy 2004 ) .

Looking frontward when we compare the wealth of the two most influential faiths of the universe, the wealth of the Catholic Church and Saudi Royalty it is really clear that the Catholic Church is far wealthier than the Saudi Royalty, which besides happens to be merely one of the many Christian churches today. Besides saying, how the Hindus donate money to the temple, the Buddhist support Buddhism, Muslims donate immense sum of money for Islam to turn, and besides the Jews support Judaism, it is clear that faith would hold a great grade of influence on concern ethically and socially harmonizing to ( Brown 2011 ) . We will now discourse the same by comparing the two major universe faiths and how they affect planetary concern and how faith has a sedate influence on concern and direction through the Ten Commandments.

Islam and concern:

Today one fifth of the universe population follows Islam with its religion and behavior. Which includes some who are into concern, and which is dispersed across 50 states in the universe and some of whom, who are in control of the universe ‘s energy resources, stated by ( Jamaluddin 2003 ) . It is really of import nevertheless, as mentioned by ( Jensen 1980, 13 ) for the directors of today that they must hold an apprehension of Islam non merely to increase his/her rational cognition but as a general practical concern demand. The directors besides need to understand the place of Islam in its environmental and past context for many grounds, foremost because of the immense planetary mutuality economically, politically and culturally and besides the coming together of the Muslim and non Muslim states globally to make concern ( Pryor 1985, 222 ) . Second a immense sum of the universe ‘s dodo fuel comes from Muslims states which are of sedate importance to the West. Third many Muslim states who belong to the OPEC group are of strategic military importance to many western states. Fourth is because of the economic roar in oil flow of the 1970 ‘s led many Arab and Islamic states to derive a immense addition in their states income, which left them with immense sum of hard currency ready for them to put worldwide ( Moore 1980,93 ) . The consequences of which if measured economically on the universe is tremendous. Therefore we can province that it is of import for directors to cognize and understand Islamic economic sciences so as to be able to go on to make concern with them.

However we will further look at how directors conduct concern utilizing ethical values and societal duty which is derived from Islam. As written by ( Almoharby 2011, 97 ) for Muslims by and large, concern moralss is acquired merely if an person has entire religion in God. Further saying that larning from the Quran it is besides clear that Islam teaches societal ethical motives and moralss in work life and besides gives solutions for general ethical jobs. Talking about concern moralss allow me give you a brief definition as stated by ( Jaques 2003 ) who defined Business moralss, as an ability to expose good values in corporate determination doing so as to make up one’s mind how these certain thoughts and values can consequence different stockholders, and besides to find how concern directors can use these ethical values in their day-to-day direction of corporations. However Mittelstaedt farther argues that faith stamps its authorization by act uponing the behavior of exchange of goods in the market, and the lone manner to understand this type of authorization is through Business Ethics, which has made it easier for us to understand the relationship between faith and markets ( Mittelstaedt 2002 ) . On the other manus corporate societal duty as defined by Baker provinces that CSR has a uninterrupted committedness to act in an ethical mode towards concern and decidedly lend to the economic development by giving a better life to the work force and their households non burying the local community and the society as a whole ( Baker 2007 ) .

However Islam preaches and Teachs us that doing money and making concern must include societal, economic and spiritual maps. Hence am traveling to farther reference certain elements that help determine concern moralss from an Islamic position as derived from the Ten Commandments as drawn by ( Almoharby 2011 ) .

Halal ( lawful ) and Haram ( prohibited ) : In concern they imply to being honest, morally responsible and true in their trade. Accountability: it fundamentally covers all the 4 intents of concern economic, political, spiritual and societal facets. Social reactivity and duty: Generally encourages Muslims to exhibit value and good administration in day-to-day life and to expose societal duty when working together with society. Social power: This by and large teaches Muslims to take attention of each other and to look out for one another. Reward and penalty: Moslems are invariably remind about Islamic instructions that every action is being monitored and they will be rewarded or punished depending on their ethical behavior or if they go against the ethical codification of Islam. Fraud and cheating: Islam dismisses the calculated turn of the truth i.e. fraud and cheating which straight oppose the ideals such as honestness, being consecutive frontward, being sincere and just. Islam besides dismisses robbing, stealing, lying, dissemblers and dishonesty. Islam besides teaches that all human existences are equal irrespective of their caste, coloring material or race and provinces that a hapless adult male who has great ethical values is more well-thought-of than a rich human being with no moral and societal values.

Therefore from the above we can deduce that Islam, from the instructions of the Quran has given replies to work out ethical jobs and that the Islamic faith preaches good moralss and ethical motives to worlds who in bend incorporate them in their concern.

Christianity and concern:

Christian religion in the yesteryear has been recognised as a one of the indispensable determiners of economic behavior. In the universe of Christianity, the bible and the Ten Commandments have a great influence in the manner the Christian faiths or the Catholic Church relates itself to its followings around the universe, which comprises about 60 % of the universe ‘s population. Hence it was stated by ( Johnson 1990 ) , that in this piece of work ( the universe ) created by God, concern is one major portion. Christianity by and large helps to determine the managerial accomplishments of those persons who follow the religion ( Delbecq 1999 ) . Further am traveling to province 4 rules that have been mentioned in ‘The Bible ‘ as proposed by ( Marr 2001 ) whereby Christians by and large incorporate these same values at their topographic point of work: First: ‘The Golden Rule ‘ provinces that Christians should ever do determinations that are impartial and just. Second: they should follow the regulation of giving more than having which would merely assist them construct good will and increase regular concern by giving the stockholders value for their investings. Third: they should ever be judgemental in the right manner, alternatively of presuming and leaping to decisions. Fourthly: They should besides do it a wont of cognizing the facts and the truth before taking determinations. Finally they should populate a pure life which will assist them unrecorded life to the fullest and assist them raise the criterion of every facet of their life.

However one of the most influential and steering rules of the Christian faith is the Ten Commandments which makes a difference to the behavior and the point of view of persons. Many bookmans besides acknowledge the influence that the Ten Commandments have in an organisation chiefly on the ethical behavior and policy devising of the direction and organisation. Therefore one of the intents of this article besides is to further analyse the relationship between Christianity and concern from some of chief rules of the Ten Commandments which have a sedate influence on the application of concern administrations. In order as mentioned in the TC ‘s have stated deductions on concern activities. Always try and negotiate to work out jobs, which help keep good concern dealingss. Understanding the demands and aim will guarantee permanent relationships in concern. Deals and contracts between persons should be broken merely through common consensus, which leads to transgress and besides in bend causes unhealthy concern civilization. Always construct assurance and trust of other persons which helps smooth concern dealingss. Always avoid a clang between concern and work, cooperate and understand to better work environment and endurance of concern ( Ali and Gibbs 1998 ) .

These were some readings that are largely true in the universe concern environment derived from the Ten Commandments in the same order in which it has been stated. The reading of some of the Ten Commandments is utile and largely set the regulations for managerial and single behavior in an administration. Therefore administrations carry oning their concern worldwide should demo echt response to the Ten Commandments.


Similar to the Bible the Quran is chiefly concerned to affairs of spiritualty which are nonrepresentational in nature. In contradiction, the bible focal points on instructions that are related to the societal well-being of persons and the Quran teaches how their followings should carry on their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives. With the Muslims no concern, travel, no occupation or mission and any pledge given to person will be carried out without Allah. To reason about Islam and Christianity and how their instructions have a great trade of consequence on the mentality of Muslim and Christian directors in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern traffics around the universe, ( Mittelstaedt 2002 ) stated that the influence of faith on concern besides has an consequence on assorted market actions which include political, societal, competitory and institutional, which further affect the economic development.

I would wish to reason by giving some illustrations of how faith has had an consequence on some managerial determinations. During the term of office of the Madeleine Albright as the US secretary of province an American Christian Mr Zogby was removed every bit shortly as he was hired by the province section because of his hereditary Arabic beginning. And likewise Ms Laila Al-Marayati was nominated to function on the White House ‘s Commission on International Religious Freedom and was besides removed after a strong resistance of her Muslim connexions and from her prejudice addresss ( Birnbaum 1999 ) . I would besides wish to advert the ethical failures in one of the universe ‘s largest concern catastrophes Enron, besides non burying WorldCom, Tyco, Adelphia and

Arthur Andersen. They have decidedly got the attending of the many, who blame these catastrophes on them non being able to follow good concern moralss and ethical motives. The treatment nevertheless about these concern catastrophes has lead to the guess about the relationship between faith and managerial determinations and behaviors, which were non complied with, which leads us to our concluding statement ( Longenecke, McKinney and Moore 2004 ) .

“ That faith is a sufficient base for Business and Management ”


On a much larger graduated table it has been observed, that the tradition of separating, the institute of faith and concern has been explained many times, as stated by Nash that the two, must ever be unbroken apart, because if the regulations of religion were applied to any concern, the faith would endure and besides if the regulations of concern were applied to faith, the religion would endure ( Nash and McLennan 2001 ) . Therefore the inquiry that was asked if faith is a sufficient base for concern and direction nevertheless requires a much larger understanding in footings of concern moralss and societal duty and its pertinence and a future research should be conducted to turn to the relationship between faith and concern every bit mentioned in this diary in greater item.

Would besides wish to province a twosome of quotation marks that support the facts mentioned in this journal article:

Religious instructions are non frequently seen as the lone factor that influence managerial patterns and besides doing concern determinations, but they can decidedly do a immense impact by supplying a boundary line of mention which will enable better single behavior and support better concern determination ( Johnson 1957 ) .

Business is by and large made up of plentifulness of bonds and actions that symbolize most human emotion that there is and every person motive which is straight or indirectly related to spiritual beliefs ( Nash 2001 ) .

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