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The ethical norms of commanding the growing of a human population have become an on-going issue that has more late been looking for solutions. Many believe increasing populations are a necessary requirement for economic growing and development. Others believe that our population growing has become inordinate and is lending to our environmental diminution ( Johnson et al. , 1995 ) . Environmental debasement has become a prevailing issue that has been linked to our quickly turning population. Anthropocentric beliefs see that adult male can pull out resources from the Earth everlastingly to develop and run into the demands of a turning population. Because of this position, we have environmental jobs that are straight tied to overpopulation that injury all parts of the universe. Excessive population growing presents critical dangers to the hereafter of our species and their ecosystems serious plenty to oppugn the alteration of traditional moralss of unrestricted reproduction ( Callahan, 1972 ) . I presume that anthropogenetic faiths such as Christianity are one of the most conducive factors to our inordinate growing. Environmental sustainable development is now a cardinal construct that ensures the sustainability of the environment for the quality of human life and wellbeing of the natural resources. Tools for battling unprecedented growing, viz. preventives and abortions, are some of the solutions to prolonging our populations which can therefore diminish the emphasis on the environment. This nevertheless goes against the ethical beliefs of faiths like Christianity which continue to see their values of reproduction flourish. I intend to research some of the different ethical issues environing reproduction and find how these issues can be viewed otherwise in order to suggest solutions. Biocentrism is a holistic moral principle that I believe could be approached by spiritual systems to better understand our populations impact on the environment and possibly hold an consequence on the determinations towards population ordinance. Reproduction is a cardinal human value that can see an relief of growing under greater ethical beliefs of biocentrism and a greater equality amongst all living things. This method will non merely unfastened aid with prolonging the environment but can besides act upon equal rights to use the tools of preventives and abortions that have been continually dismissed by anthropogenetic faiths.


Reproduction has been an indispensable portion of human endurance and is a extremely valued single right of human nature. The ethical place that agreements persons full reproductive freedom derives from the construct of autonomy and independency in Western broad idea. The thought of human pro-creation spawned from the primary battle of human endurance since attention, production, and industry all developed through the proliferation of new human existences ( Callahan, 1972 ) . Thomas Malthus famously voiced the “ jurisprudence of population ” which explains that resources will consume as populations expand geometrically ( Bookchin, 1970 ) . He argued that merely by war, dearth and disease can a balance be made between population and nutrient supplies ( Bookchin, 1970 ) . Malthus ‘s jurisprudence is accurately true about our current population growing seeing as that war, dearths and disease are mostly the ways in which we see population Numberss lessening.

Christian religion

The most anthropocentric moralss are in human faiths and the beliefs of a higher being. I intend to concentrate chiefly on Judeo-Christianity since it has been noted that this is the most anthropocentric faiths the universe has seen ( White, 1967 ) . Particularly in its Western signifier, the Christian attitude toward dealingss to the environment sees that God is the transcendency of nature and that it ‘s at that place to function adult male. The “ Great Chain of Being ” is a common Christian construct that sees worlds as the high quality to animate beings and workss because their Godhead ( God ) has given them a higher topographic point on the concatenation ( Taylor, 2000 ) . This thereby gives Christians the thought that worlds are empowered and entitled to the resources of the environment that God provides them. This construct is the root to the larger issues of reproduction and environmental debasement since the belief of worlds over nature is so widespread among Christians.

Religions such as Christianity value the reproduction of human life. Christian matrimony and gender can be understood as following a simple generative expression of “ traditional household values ” ( Bratton, 1992 ) . Christianity frequently avoids wrestling with generative moralss and keeps the accent of gender internalized within the church. Sexuality within the church is extremely ethical among Christians as they normally limit their treatments and consciousness to the pick of spouse or the function of matrimony among their ethical determinations ( Bratton, 1992 ) . Christians believe that worlds are members of the kingdom of life that God has created and that the bible notes to “ be fruitful and multiply, make full the Earth and repress it ” ( Martin-Schramm, 2009 ) . This reproduction bible transition is what Christians must get down to review in order to find the impact of their Numberss but besides the impact of their life styles on the environment.

Abortion & A ; Contraceptive

Abortions and preventives are cardinal tools towards commanding the inordinate growing of human populations. I believe that the ordinance of population control through these methods is non merely a adult female ‘s “ right ” but besides is a safe manner to cut down the figure of kids born. However many anti-abortionists feel the “ rights ” of unborn kids are primary and take a precedency over concerns such as population growing ( Bratton, 1992 ) . This mostly poses the statement between the moralss to assist supply a solution to the population issue and the moralss of pull stringsing reproduction. Forms of abortion and preventives are believed to travel against the commandments of the Christian Bible and of God. Understanding alternate moralss such as biocentrism can assist supply penetration into the environmental good that is provided by the methods of birth control.

Some of the largest population growing arises in 3rd universe states that pattern non merely Christianity but besides other traditional faiths that frequently have no handiness to the tools to human birth controls. In countries such as sub-Saharan Africa, stripling females become pregnant at really immature ages and sometimes accidentally. Without entree to preventative birth methods, females are forced into poorness as they can no longer attend school ( Nichols et al. , 1986 ) . Poverty increased by the birth rates of striplings can see immense population growing which in bend generates environmental depletion since the turning population is made to populate off the same measure of land ( Arku, et al. , 2009 ) . Abortions and preventives are scare in African parts that either are spiritual or necessitate the aid to supply the tools needed. With Christian beliefs strongly entwined in internationally policy, happening ways of supplying birth control methods to these states remains unethical.


Introducing moralss under a biocentric manner is what I believe needs to go prioritized over spiritual ethical motives in footings of population issues. The attack of biocentrism does non intend that worlds must give up their involvement and forfeit themselves for other species. A biocentric belief instead proposes that people should take into history the ecological equilibrium between nature and worlds while prosecuting their demands and involvements ( Huiying, 2004 ) . How we help keep ecology depends on our thoughts of the man-nature relationship ( White, 1967 ) . Christianity and other human centered faiths can no longer disregard the fact that universe population is increasing at significant rates. The Earth ‘s carrying capacity has already been exceeded and anthropocentric faiths either demand to be replaced by an environmentally cognizant faith, or at least rethink our old one ( White, 1967 ) . Religions have a serious consequence on national and international policies on contraceptive method and abortion that a biocentric attack demands to get down incorporating its ways of believing amongst policymakers. Introducing Christians to the environmental jobs created by the monolithic displacements in human Numberss and developing a biocentric influence to the Christian ethical model can hold consequence on covering with human population ordinance. The Christian values towards anti-abortion and preventive usage appears to hold signifiers of underlying misogynism as it removes a adult female ‘s right whether or non to utilize birth control options. Biocentric equalitarianism sees that all life things have an equal positive lesson weight which, if accounted for, will non merely see equal rights towards the environment but can besides hold influence on the rights of adult females. Understanding biocentrism can present the construct that the restraints of faiths do non let for ecosystems to be unfastened and equal to all living things. Reproduction and increasing human populations cause overuse of the environment that sees no restraints towards offering solutions to prolonging the debasement of ecosystems. Restricting reproduction makes a practical difference in the manner we treat the natural environment whether we accept an anthropocentric or biocentric attack ( Taylor, 1991 ) . However biocentric environmental moralss can be more superior in steering societies through the practical jobs raised by a greater regard for the environment.

Understanding biocentric moralss requires supports to give the consciousness required to see these moralss taken into history toward battling environmental issues such as population growing. A paradigm alteration to ethical determinations, peculiarly of the political and spiritual kingdom, can non be an immediate pick. I believe that contending for the rights of adult females, immigrants, American Indians and domestic species must be the first to alter in order to lend positively to widening the rights to the wilderness and the biotic community ( Trompf, 1992 ) . As understood with the ethical struggle between birth controls and faith, leting adult females the right to do the determination towards abortion or preventives can give light towards accounting for the rights of nature and our environmental duty. An forsaking of the “ logic of domination ” or hierarchal thought can give women’s rightists, biocentrists, or ecofeminists the power to stop patriarchal control over environmental issues and see an equality of rights for all living things.


Anthropocentric faiths, viz. Christianity, continue to keep presence amongst the determination devising and ordinance procedures of environmental sustainability. Reproduction and inordinate growing will stay on-going factors towards our Earth ‘s environmental debasement unless we integrate the tools necessary to assist prolong this growing. With Christianity holding influence on the utilizations of preventives and abortion, the environment remains booming with high birth rates and single rights towards these utilizations besides remain laden. A biocentric influence sees a practical difference in giving equal rights to all, including the natural environment, populating species and worlds. I believe that equal rights for adult females, immigrants, American Indians and domestic species are some of the instances that require equality foremost in order to see a broadening of rights towards the environment and biocentric moralss. A paradigm displacement in the patriarchate of anthropocentric faiths is required to take their influence on ordinances sing single rights and spiritual ethical motives.

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