The Historical Background of Lewis and Clark Expeditions
1016 words 2 pages

Lewis and Clark expedition was the first expedition to cross western part of the United States of America. This is a documentary that tries explaining about the works of the explorers who visited the Americas so as to find some valuable nature, which was characterized by e information about the Americas. Their expedition began in […]

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The Battle of Gettysburg and Events that Leading Up to It
1747 words 4 pages

The battle of Gettysburg was fought in the year 1863 from July 1 to July 3footnoteRef:1. It occurred as a result of General Lee’s plan to invade the north in an attempt to take the war out of Virginia into the Union territory, gather supplies for his army and gain international recognition for ConfederacyfootnoteRef:2. Despite […]

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Gettysburg Peace Corps
Public Administration and Volunteerism Essay
700 words 2 pages

Abstract Volunteership is the practice of giving back to society out of good will, with the aim of helping to better someone else’s life. It involves giving back time, talents, education and skills mostly in one’s community. This short paper aims to outline the reasons why the little focus is given to volunteership, the reasons […]

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Motivation Statement for Peace Corps
492 words 1 page

I first thought about being a Peace Corps Volunteer when a close college friend and coworker, Venera was describing to me her experience interacting with Peace Corps. At that time we were discussing options for how to go about understanding challenges a cross-cultural rural community faces. Venera was raised in Kazakhstan and her English speaking […]

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Popular Questions About Peace Corps

What is Peace Corps slogan?
“Message behind slogan: This is much more than just a job; it takes heart to be in the Peace Corps; join the Peace Corps and you will be a better person. This job is not about money it is about helping people.”
What did the Peace Corps do?
On September 22, 1961, Kennedy signed congressional legislation creating a permanent Peace Corps that would “promote world peace and friendship” through three goals: (1) to help the peoples of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women; (2) to help promote a better understanding of Americans ...
How do you write a good motivation statement for the Peace Corps?
The prompt says, “Please provide a few paragraphs explaining your reasons for wanting to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer and how you plan to overcome the various challenges associated with Peace Corps service.” Spend time explaining how you are going to overcome the challenges, and more importantly, why you want to ...