The Decline of the Roman Empire Essay Example
The Decline of the Roman Empire Essay Example

The Decline of the Roman Empire Essay Example

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  • Published: July 19, 2017
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The Roman Empire bestowed numerous positive contributions upon humanity, including Christianity, which is currently the world's largest religion, and their language, Latin, which is the foundation for numerous languages used today such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Despite their dominance, the Western Roman Empire experienced a decline caused by various factors including internal decay, a shortage of funds, and barbaric invasions. The military crisis was a significant element of this decay as the shortage of soldiers resulted from a lack of children old enough to serve in the army. Rome had to resort to recruiting Germanic soldiers to combat this issue. However, this plan was flawed since it was difficult to find trustworthy recruiters. Consequently, the recruitment of Germanic soldiers led to Rome becoming more vulnerable to enemy attacks.Being already s


ituated in the base of the imperium, they did not have to worry about entering the city. The military crisis played a major role in the decline within, ultimately leading to the downfall of the Western Roman Empire. Having excessive power and wealth, it was an integrated attack. Therefore, the lack of funds within the Roman treasury caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire. These funds were primarily invested into their army which previously functioned as government expenses. The lack of finances resulted in high taxation, causing business owners to abandon their trade. As a result, the old Roman virtues of freedom and entrepreneurship were lost to those reliant on welfare warfare. The central government took far-reaching responsibility in many affairs, weakening citizens' morale. At the same time, as the empire expanded, its prosperity was fueled by looted wealth and new market

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in foreign territories. The Western Roman Empire's decline and eventual downfall can be attributed to insufficient funds and occupying its citizens with internal conflicts. With nobody left to fight for them, as children were too young, most funds were invested into personnel and not into the empire itself.The encroachers who invaded the park caused destruction in their path, ultimately weakening the Roman Empire. The detrimental impacts of their actions had a far-reaching effect on the empire.

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