The Decline of the Roman Empire Essay

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The Roman Empire gave the universe many good things. Rome gave the universe Christianity. which is now the world’s largest faith. The Romans besides gave the universe their linguistic communication. The Romans spoke Latin. which is the base for most linguistic communications used today. Many of these linguistic communications include English. Spanish. Italian. Gallic. and Lusitanian. This leads to the inquiry. If Rome was such a powerful imperium. so what led to the diminution of the Roman Empire? The autumn of the Western Roman Empire was caused by three of the many grounds internal decay. deficiency of money. and occupying folks.

First. one of the grounds that led to the diminution of the Western Roman Empire was cause by inside decay. It has been said that the Roman’s military crisis was a immense factor in this decay. Harmonizing to Indro Montanelli. the military crisis was the consequence of deficit of kids. The kids in Rome were non old plenty at the clip to function in the ground forces this resulted in deficiency of soldiers. The deficiency of soldiers meant that the Roman Empire could non support themselves and did non hold a strong ground forces. In that cause Rome had to come up with a program to work out this job.

This program was to enroll Germans to function in the Roman ground forces. But. this was non a well-thought program. because bargainers were hard to observe. Enrolling Germans to function in the Roman ground forces made it possible for the Germans to easy assail them. Given that they were already in the base of the imperium. they did non hold to worry about acquiring into the metropolis. It was said that the military crisis was a immense portion in the internal decay. which finally led to the autumn of the Western Roman Empire. The Roman Empire had excessively much power and wealth. It was a incorporate onslaught.

Therefore. the deficiency of money in the Roman exchequer caused the autumn of the Western Roman Empire. The money largely went into the ground forces. which has already been described as the authorities disbursals. The deficiency of money was responsible for the high revenue enhancement. This caused the proprietors to go their concerns. because they did non desire to pay high revenue enhancements. The old Roman virtuousnesss of autonomy and enterprise were lost in the portion of the population on alleviation warfare ; the cardinal authorities undertook such far-reaching duty in personal businesss that the fibre of the citizens weakened.

Besides while the imperium was spread outing. its prosperity was fed by looted wealth and by new markets in the semibarbaric states. The diminution and autumn of the Western Roman Empire was deficiency of money and occupying the folk in the Roman Empire. The imperium did non hold anyone to contend for them because the kids were excessively immature. The money was largely invested in the authorities and non in the overall imperium. The encroachers came into the part seeking to take over the land and destroyed everything in their way. which made the Roman Empire weak. These effects began to do the Roman Empire weak.

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