Augustus Caesar
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Augustus Caesar In ancient history there have been many great leaders who have come to the forefront to save the Roman Empire from destruction and demise. The leaders and heroes of the Roman Empire are countless, but one leader stands out from all the rest. Augustus Caesars contributions to Roman history helped make Rome the […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Julius Caesar Mark Antony
“A triple pillar of the world or a strumpet’s fool” – Impressions of Antony Essay Sample
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Antony and Cleopatra is a Shakespearean drama that focuses on the events that take topographic point whilst Cleopatra. Queen of Egypt and Antony. a member of the triumvirate in Italy. are carry oning a extremely seeable love matter. Whilst Cleopatra is portrayed as a strong. manipulative and selfish adult female. Antony is shown to be […]

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Augustus Cleopatra Donald Trump Mark Antony
Augustus Principate
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‘What role did the settlements of 27 BC and 23 BC play in the development of Augustus’ principate? ’ In the first settlement of 27 BC Octavian handed back the unofficial powers he had held during the civil war to the Senate and people of Rome. However, some historians think that it was accomplished over […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Roman Empire
Essay about Augustus Principate
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What role did the settlements of 27 BC and 23 BC play in the development of Augustus’ principate? In the first settlement of 27 BC Octavian handed back the unofficial powers he had held during the civil war to the Senate and people of Rome. However, some historians think that it was accomplished over a […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Roman Republic
Rome Economic Crisis of 3rd Century Ad
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The crisis must have made a tremendous impression on the world at the time; otherwise, the three great historians of the period- Tacitus, Suetonius, and Dio- would not have highlighted it since ancient writers were not commonly interested in economics. Economic policy had gradually become highly regimented, depriving individuals of the freedom to pursue personal […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Tax
Revision notes
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The first territory they conquered was Italy. -as Romans took over more places and people they adjusted their Institutions to the task of ruling an imperial capital city and distant places. Rather than having kings they installed 2 consuls or chief magistrates who would hold office for 1 year. This radical move from kingship to […]

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Ancient Rome Animals Augustus Large Animals Roman Empire Society Territory War
With Did Augustus Create His
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Julius Caesar’s rule had been successful, but he had neglected Roman traditions, such as religion, and had made himself king of Rome, in all but name. After the dictatorship and eventual assassination of Caesar, the Roman Republic was sent into a state of decline. ‘Republic’ meant that Roman citizens could elect a representative, and have […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Mark Antony
Was the Fall of the Roman Republic inevitable
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The Roman Republic enjoyed reasonable success in its early stages, the conquest of Italy and overseas territories lead to rapid expansion and a surge in population, wealth and culture. However, as this essay will demonstrate this growth of population and increase of wealth was not sustainable; the allies with which Rome went to battle were […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Republic Roman Republic The Republic
The variety to be found in both the form and the function of Roman portraiture
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The Roman Empire produced great confidence, wealth and luxury in its culture which it then exported to the rest of the empire. Roman portraiture is therefore very diverse, but on the whole it exhibits an eclectic mix of naturalism from the Etruscans and idealisation from the Greeks varied according to taste and use, called ‘decorum’. […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Automotive Cars Roman Empire Society War
Archaeologists have called the Fishbourne site a palac
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Many archaeologists and historians have argued that the site of Fishbourne although often referred to as a palace was in fact used for a completely different purpose. Some argue that it was a palace, some say it was a retirement home for Emperor Vespasian, some say a mansio (a roman hotel), some say it could […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Emperor History Roman Empire Roman Republic Society War
With reference to the evidence of Res Gestae and Suetonius Augustus
1490 words 3 pages

Suetonius claims it was a defensive and un ambitious general policy, saying that Augustus never wantonly invaded any country, and “felt no temptation to increase the boundaries of the Empire or enhance his military glory”, Suet 21. However, in Suetonius there is also overwhelming evidence of the opposite. It is frequently found in Suetonious that […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Europe
Antony as a Great Leader
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The decisions that one man makes can determine the length of life. Rome has many people that have the characteristics to be great leaders. Antony is a manipulative man, Brutus is an honorable man, and Octavius is a quiet strength. All three men would do an excellent job in leading Rome. Antony is a manipulative […]

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Augustus Julius Caesar Leader Mark Antony
Analysis of ‘Julius Caesar’
1468 words 3 pages

In the play ‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome, is murdered during the third Act. It has been suggested that power and the quest for power are the reasons behind his murder. Power is defined as a position of authority or control with the ability to do or act upon […]

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Augustus Julius Caesar Mark Antony
An Essay on why Augustus was a better emperor than Nero
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Why was Augustus or Octavian a better Emperor than Nero? Well Augustus reined for 41 years and died a normal death of old age but he was born into the family business. Gaius Octavius, was the first in the family to become a senator, but died when Augustus was only four. It was his mother […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Report
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Despite the Roman setting the themes and issues of Julius Caesar would have been relevant to the England of Shakespeare’s time in a number of ways. Until Caesar’s time, Rome was ruled as a republic. This meant that the city was ruled by a senate, which was similar to a council that was made up […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Julius Caesar
Octavian Augustus
1303 words 3 pages

Octavian Augustus is known as the first, and one of the greatest, Roman Emperors ever. Octavian enabled the long, peaceful time of the Pax Romana by changing Rome from a fragile, crumbling republican government to a mighty empire. Octavian’s government was strong enough to withstand weak emperors who mismanaged the Empire as well. His changes […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Mark Antony
Why Was Augustus A Good Leader
808 words 2 pages

Octavian was born in 63BCE, and was later adopted at the age of 19. After Julius Caesar died, Marcus Antonius came to power through Cleopatra (But before, Octavian’s sister had married Marcus Antonius, he then cheats on he with Cleopatra). Ever since then Octavian had disliked Marcus Antonius, so when Octavian and Marcus Antonius come […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Mark Antony
How Did Various Emperors from Augustus to Constantine Use Portraits to Project Their Image?
1455 words 3 pages

The Roman Empire is the period of ancient Roman civilization which extended from 27 BC through 476 AD; it is characterized by an autocratic form of government started by Augustus after his victory in the Battle of Actium. The first Emperor, known as Octavian before he accepted the name offered by the Senate, is responsible […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Roman Empire
Was Myth a Primarily or Public Political Tool
1992 words 4 pages

For this essay I wanted to first look into the political aspects of early Rome and explore whether myth was primarily a political tool for power and wealth, starting with the foundation myths of Augustus, I came across a quote “Emperors exploited myths and mythical characters to promote their images and values” (Block 2 pg. […]

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Ancient Rome Augustus Politics Roman Empire
Cleopatra’s Death Scene
1657 words 4 pages

Cleopatra sent to Caesar a letter which she had written and sealed; and, putting everybody out of the monument but her two women, she shut the doors. Caesar, opening her letter, and finding pathetic prayers and entreaties that she might be buried in the same tomb with Antony, soon guessed what was doing. At first […]

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Augustus Cleopatra Mark Antony
The Evil That Men Do: Mark Antony’s Machiavellian Nature
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From the beginning of time, when societies were first constructed, certain men always knew exactly how to obtain something every person desires—power. Human beings thirst it, crave it. They love to give orders, love to be on top. Once obtained, power becomes like a drug—a person always wants more. Some achieve control in bloody ways; […]

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Augustus Evil Julius Caesar Machiavelli Mark Antony
The Fault In Our Stars Analysis
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Mitch Albom once said, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” This quote means that if one lover passes away in a relationship, their life may be over, but their relationship with their other half is not and never will be and that love will go on forever for the lovers even if one is […]

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Augustus Cancer Love Stars