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Freedmen could be Influential in Pompeii and Herculaneum Essay Example
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A freedman was a former slave who had been legally set free by their master, often for a great show of faithfulness or a general good service to their master. In the process of being set free (known as manumission) the slave was beaten one final time to remind them that they were still in […]

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Ancient Rome Cultural Anthropology Pompeii Slavery
Research on Pompeii Essay Example
286 words 2 pages

The wealth of information obtained from Herculaneum is crucial in modern archaeology. It provides extensive knowledge about various aspects of the ancient site, including diet, lifestyle, economic activities, and intricate details about its inhabitants. By combining these different elements, archaeologists can gain a comprehensive understanding of the society that thrived during that time period. Therefore, […]

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Archaeology Crime scene Pompeii Research
The Forum Pompeii Essay Example
3345 words 13 pages

The Forum Historians consider the Forum to be the ‘centre of Pompeian life’ therefore it is an important aspect to study as numerous buildings and many events occurred there. From the latest evidence, it is believed that the Pompeian Forum was undergoing a ‘comprehensive, vigorous and ambitious post-earthquake restoration. ’ (Bradley. 2005, p. 87). The […]

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Apollo Pompeii Temple
Pompeii and Herculaneum -Technology Essay Example
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Technology has helped archaeologists and historians to reconstruct the lives of people from Pompeii and Herculean. It has allowed artifacts and human remains to be deciphered and more knowledge to be gained. This is why the role of technology is important in reconstructing the lives of people from Pompeii and Herculean Estelle Lazar has worked […]

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Anthropology Archaeology Pompeii Technology

Popular Questions About Pompeii

What was daily life like in Pompeii?
Daily Life in Pompeii. On 24 August 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted explosively, burying Pompeii under a crust of volcanic ash. For the next seventeen centuries, the city would remain lost, forgotten and preserved, sealed in a time capsule.
How many people escaped Pompeii?
Although most people escaped Pompeii, at least 2,000 who stayed behind were crushed or buried alive in the ash and rock that rained from the sky that day.
What is unique about Pompeii?
Pompeii is a must-see place if you visit Italy. You probably think Pompeii consists of several ruins and a lot of columns, but in fact it’s a real medium-sized town almost all of which has been uncovered by archaeologists. It’s the world’s only one unique open-sky museum which looks anything
What is the best way to get to Pompeii from Rome?
The three main ways to get to Pompeii from Rome are: Booking a guided tour: This is the easiest way of getting to Pompeii. It includes a hotel pick-up, transport there and back, guided tour in English, admission tickets and food.
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