The darkness of man’s heart in “Lord of the Flies” Essay Example
The darkness of man’s heart in “Lord of the Flies” Essay Example

The darkness of man’s heart in “Lord of the Flies” Essay Example

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The central theme of William Golding's Lord of the Flies explores the darkness within human nature. Initially well-behaved and civilized, the boys on the island gradually descend into cruelty and savagery, losing their innocence in the process. The novel follows a group of young English boys stranded on an uninhabited island without adult supervision, necessitating their creation of a makeshift "civilization." Golding emphasizes that evil exists within everyone and can be brought forth by specific events. The loss of innocence is prominent as it showcases the boys' transformation from innocent children to ruthless hunters with no desire to return to society. A significant quote capturing this darkness occurs towards the end: "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through air of a true, wise friend called Piggy." This quote arises when they enc


ounter a Naval officer who rescues them; Ralph realizes he will now be returned to "actual civilization," acknowledging his own loss of innocence and understanding humanity's inherent immorality.In his novel, Golding suggests that the loss of innocence is a natural occurrence through depicting how these boys devolve into savage beings reenacting their escaped war. By illustrating the initial goodness of the English boys and emphasizing their inevitable loss of innocence, Golding delves into the darkness present in human hearts. Throughout the story, tensions arise as Ralph, a 12-year-old boy elected as their leader on the island, tries to establish civilization but faces resistance from his peers. Although Ralph himself does not engage in immoral acts, he loses faith in humanity's inherent goodness. The battle between civilization and savagery is symbolized by the contrast between Ralph

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and Jack. Several symbols within the novel represent this darkness within human hearts; one significant symbol is "Lord of the Flies," which refers to a severed sow's head impaled on a stick by Jack as an offering to a beast. This symbol gains importance when Simon encounters it and it speaks to him, suggesting that evil resides within every individual. It is associated with "Beelzebub," a powerful figure linked with Satan in religious texts. Piggy's violent death serves as symbolism for civilization and order coming to an end on the island while Roger represents immorality by releasing a massive boulder that destroys both Piggy and the conch shell.Golding effectively portrays the darkness and savagery residing within human hearts through a death that holds great symbolism due to its extreme violence and lack of meaning. This moment encapsulates the central theme of the novel, showcasing the loss of innocence.

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