Global Communication Challenges: Cross-Cultural Essay Example
Global Communication Challenges: Cross-Cultural Essay Example

Global Communication Challenges: Cross-Cultural Essay Example

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  • Published: August 30, 2017
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The universe is going one planetary interrelated small town. Because of obliging necessities in concern and related affairs. more and more companies are traveling their operations offshore and spread outing their footmark into new and unfamiliar geographicss. A large challenge in pull offing this alteration is how to cover with a diverse work force. This has to be managed good for the company to successfully accomplish its concern aims. The company has to guarantee that there is clear and crystalline two manner communicating between the central offices and the subdivisions or subordinates. and besides strong ties with the Leadership.

( Lisbeth Clausen. “Corporate Communication Challenges: A ‘Negotiated’ Culture Perspective” ) . To do this happen. all staffs require a certain command of transverse cultural communicating accomplishments. They have to be good trained to sympathize with different


cultural shapers so as to maintain communicating unfastened and effectual without allowing it affect concern public presentation. Why are companies confronting cross-cultural communicating challenges? Companies become multi -national and travel overseas for assorted grounds.

With promotion in engineering and a drive concern demand to remain competitory and in front of competition. they set up operations and expand to newer geographicss every twenty-four hours. It could be because they sell a merchandise or service which they feel has possible to be marketed overseas. The company may comprehend a large concern chance in making this and make up one's mind to put up a web on foreign shores. Or they may make up one's mind to off-shore their operations in order to leverage accomplishments handiness or even for labour arbitrage.

Whichever the ground. one time an office is set up abroad. this typically means

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that direction and staff from the caput office or flagship have to interact on a regular footing with local staff in the new states. And if the concern opens up in more than one state. it has to cover with multi cultural staff and or clients – a state of affairs that calls for adroit handling of civilization sensitive communications so that all concern activities like decision-making and problem-solving return topographic point without any spreads and in a manner that is best suited to concern demands.

It is natural that people from different civilizations to respond otherwise to state of affairss – for illustration. when the SHOE Company from Denmark entered the Nipponese market. it found that many local concern patterns. like the hierarchal manner of direction. were making barriers to quick trade name incursion. The Japanese on the other manus felt that the Danish were non unfastened for dialogue ; that central office was ‘sending assorted messages’ . ( Lisbeth Clausen. “Corporate Communication Challenges: A ‘Negotiated’ Culture Perspective” ) .

Leadership will hold to patiently and successfully get the better of the challenge of constructing the company civilization amongst new staff in a foreign land. The new staff members have to encompass the company’s values and work manner ; this is critical for presenting good concern consequences. Similarly. the Danish were impatient with Japan’s ceremonial attack to concern ; they merely wanted to acquire the occupation done as rapidly and expeditiously as possible without partaking in societal duties. . How make these challenges affect an individual’s public presentation and effectivity?

Clear and limpid communicating of concern ends and corporate outlooks of how staff can assist accomplish concern

ends is critical to the successful running of any concern. Ineffective communicating can take to a deficiency of apprehension of what is expected of a individual in the company and how he or she should lend towards accomplishing the concern aims. Many times a feeling of apathy sets in when staff experience left out and accordingly their public presentation suffers. aching the company’s concern public presentation every bit good.

When Jesus Ricardo was sent on a two twelvemonth assignment from North America to South East Asia. she was one unhappy exile. It started with the really basics – her name ; none of the people she worked with could state it right. It was merely a affair of her colleagues non being cognizant that in Spanish. the ‘J’ is pronounced like an ‘H’ . She ended up holding to explicate this repeatedly and right every individual she met. This annoyed her enormously although the locals did non believe much of it.

They did non understand that where Jesus came from. it was of import to articulate one’s name right. Then in the office. Jesus found her co-workers ( all local ) . ever spoke in Chinese. She felt awfully left out and sometimes even ignored. Often she wondered if they were speaking about her. particularly when the conversation was peppered with giggles. She accordingly made no attempt to acquire to cognize her squad couples and insulated herself in her ain universe. At the terminal of three such seeking months. she decided to discontinue her occupation if her company did non travel her dorsum to N America.

Could the company have avoided such a state of affairs? Yes. if

it had been better prepared to manage a diverse work force. As portion of the resettlement exercising. the company should hold put both Jesus and the squad in Taiwan through cross cultural sensitisation. The host squad should hold been given a elaborate briefing about the new member from N America and a ‘buddy’ could hold been arranged to soft land Jesus into a wholly new civilization and life. How make these communicating challenges affect the concern aims of the company?

A person’s behaviour – his attitudes. his beliefs. life manner. his thought. and his reactivity are all influenced by his cultural background and markers. ( Madelinde Daane-van der Houwen. “Understanding of civilization optimizes a planetary communications strategy” ) . As companies start to make concern with other states. it becomes apparent that there is a obliging demand to understand local civilization and wonts. To carry people to lend productively to concern aims. it is of import to set up credibleness and trust. This is best done by exhibiting an apprehension of local wonts and ways of life.

To be able to enroll and retain the best employees and successfully accomplish its concern ends. an organisation has to value the diverseness of its employees and clients and pass on efficaciously to them. It is true that a diverse work force helps to construct regard for the company trade name both internally and externally ; through proper handling of cultural sensitivenesss. misinterpretations can be avoided and closer relationships can be cultivated between the company and client. Such squads enhance productiveness and spur creativeness and invention.

And because of a assortment of thought manners and sentiments they lead to effectual job

declarations and better determination results. Organizations that believe in adopting cultural diverseness and pass oning efficaciously across differences of race. gender. faith. age. geographic background. instruction. economic and cultural background. and believing and communicating manners. will be committed to making an inclusive organisation where the differences of all people will be respected. valued and utilised towards accomplishing a common end adding enormous value to the manner the company conducts its concern.

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