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Workplace communication: What “The Apprentice” teaches about communication skills. Business Communication Quarterly, 68(4), 429-456. Abstract The debut series of the popular reality television show “The Apprentice”, aired in 2004 on NBC and hosted by business mogul Donald Trump, is reviewed. The researchers, aiming to discover the importance placed on communications skills as essential to success in the business environment, conducted a thorough content analysis of all 15 episodes of the first season of “The Apprentice”.The researchers sought to determine the communication skills most often emphasized, how these skills are specified in each episode, critic’s perceptions as to the most important skill, the role communication skills play in determining success or failure and the differences in communicative competencies between the first five eliminated and last five remaining competitors.

Using an evaluator constructed code sheet to evaluate the 16? hours of episode footage, three independent coders evaluated and coded the episodes. The performances of males and females were also compared.The persuasive ability of competitors was the most heavily emphasized skill and poor communication was key to early elimination. Leadership skills were the most common sources of praise and criticism from fellow competitors, associates and Trump. Female communication skills were criticized more often than male’s.

Men’s leadership and listening skills were more frequently criticised. Women demonstrated poorer interpersonal skills. Writing and intercultural skills not addressed in episodes. Recommendation for greater focus to be placed on communication skills in business school courses.

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