The Culture Effect On Racism Essay Example
The Culture Effect On Racism Essay Example

The Culture Effect On Racism Essay Example

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  • Published: March 27, 2022
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The impact of racism is felt no matter how hard people tend to hide it. From the post, the author is a young girl who was brought up in a black community. During her early years as a kid, she was brought up believing that the white people were bad and cruel towards the blacks. She was made to avoid them as seen when she was told not to talk to white strangers, as they were known for harassing as well as killing schoolchildren. Growing with this perception as a young girl, she hated the whites and hated the fact that she was going to a white school. It is seen that her lifestyle was different from the whites, as they had to walk some distances to go to the white schools since there were no school in her neighbourhoo


d. Her hatred for the whites is depicted when she got a white doll as a present for her fifth birthday. Being a racist, this did not please her. She argued that how would she receive a doll that is an imitation of that race of people she was supposed to hate and avoid. How was she supposed to spend time and play with something that depicted people she had grown hating, something that was very different from her family.

It is evident that culture had its effect on racism. Growing up with parents who always taught her on the ills of the white is an effect on culture to racism. She continues to hate the whites further from a video she watched whereby the girls were supposed to groom as their parents even in the way

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they styled their hair. A different styling of the hair from the usual straightening was seen so African. This made her feel how racist people were. Despite being African, they were supposed to groom as whites. This did not please her as she argues people need to face reality. A reality that no matter how hard they mimic the whites they remain blacks. She hates the act that there is no freedom and dreams for a freedom where both the parties will be free of racism

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