Day that Change My Life Essay Example
Day that Change My Life Essay Example

Day that Change My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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Every day of my life, I have written this statement not once but many times in my head. I have tried to find words that can be enough to express my feelings but no words can really bring out how I feel. It was my 17th birthday when I decided to go and celebrate from a different town far from where I lived. I clearly recall the date as it was 14th February 2016. It was the best day in my life having friends around me and having fun all day. Everything was perfect including the surprises by different people, meeting new friends and reuniting with people that we had schooled with. My father had allowed me to have fun that day something that he always was against previously. He had also funded my party an


d wanted me to feel like a grown man. I remember every activity that took place that day in my head. From being surprised to having my friends’ company all day. Things ran as they had been planned and I really enjoyed myself. I remember the funny names we called each other as they were the nicknames we used back then in school. It was the day when I had forgotten about all my worries and felt like I had started a new life.

My friends brought me many gifts that took me hours to unwrap. My family joined me later in the day and made the day livelier. I remember my mother presenting her gift to me which amazed me. She understood that I loved music and on that very day, she gave me a gift of a piano.

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recall playing the piano to the crowd and everyone cheering up. I remember a friend of mine who arrived at the venue in the evening and presented a gift that had a note on it “open it tomorrow.” I never thought about it and kept it aside waiting for the next day to open it. He then left the venue. It was at 8:30pm when things turned around when the police came into the venue and with no time I was handcuffed as a result of the gift that was given to me last by a long time friend. I was bailed with drug trafficking and my life started afresh behind bars.

Everything that happened to me that day turned into a memory. I was denied access to my home and family. I can no longer go home and see my family, enjoy the meals and talks, help them in doing some duties and live in my room. Whenever I remember that day, am always thinking about how it would have been if I opened the gift before the guy left. Every day of my life is full of pity as there is no more life out there for me. I cannot be part of my family that shaped me to be a good person, my parents can never help me shape my life and I feel as if there is no future as I am surrounded by stress every time my mind is awake. I always dream being out of the bars but when I wake up, I have to cope with the fact that someone decided my fate. I feel as if my life

has been cut short and even getting out of this place seems impossible. I do not know how a life free from stress feels like.

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