The Day Language Came into My Life

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After reading the essay “The Day Language Came into My Life” about Helen Keller in the text, I got to know more about her. Helen Keller was born in 1880. She became blind and deaf when she was around two due to disease. Darkness and silence were surrounding her for a long time. She experienced the feeling of bitterness and hopeless that we would not imagine. Four years later, there was a turning point for her- she met Anne Sullivan, her teacher who gave her hope and leaded her out of the plight. Anne educated her step by step with great patient and cares. She even spent a long time on telling Helen something which was basic.

Although there was time that Helen felt desperate, Anne always encouraged her. With the help of Anne, Helen was inspired. Anne seemed like a spot of light in dark to Helen, she was the one who introduced this amazing world to Helen. Helen became one of the most remarkable people with the support of Anne and her own stamina. We always give up easily when we face difficulties, sometimes we even forgo without trial. When we approach our goals, there must be barriers. The key

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to success is to be invincible and do whatever we can to sweep away all the barriers to the goal. The story of Helen reminds me of an experience I once had.

That’s part of my childhood memories when I was six. One day, I was attracted by a music program which was showing on television. I saw a man who was playing piano, he looked joyful and relaxed. Then, I asked my mum sitting beside me, “Can I play as well as him? ” She smiled and said, “You may have a try if you want to. ” Starting from that day, piano became one of the most important part of my life. When I was on the way to have my first lesson, I was so excited. I could not wait to have my first touch on keyboard, listen to the echoes produced and learn my first piece! I was waiting in a room with walls in white around me.

Then, my teacher came inside, she sat next to me. She smiled and introduced herself. Her name was Nicole Cheng, who was going to have a great influence on me. In the first lesson, she started with how to pose my hands when I play and taught me the note name. At first, I was so excited because it was all new to me. But later, I started to feel depress when it was getting more and more difficult. Once Nicole signed up a competition for me, situation went even worse. In order to be perfect on the stage, every single phase of the piece was played over hundred times. I was sick of it.

A 2-hour practice per day seemed so long, I started to think of giving up. My situation was very similar to that of Helen’s. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. There was a crossroads in front of me, I needed to make my own choice. I told Nicole about my trouble, she was not surprised because she already knew that would happen. She suggested me to have a rest, instead of forcing me to continue. She brought me a book called “The Story of Li Yundi”. Li Yundi, a very famous international pianist, he struggled like me when he was under great pressure, but he had never thought of giving up because he loved what he was doing.

If he gave up at that time, he will not be successful now. This really impressed me and reminded me the moment that my life first came across piano. I was full of passion at that time, why could I forget that feeling? I am not going to end up my dream in this way. My passion towards piano was relighted, every touch on the keyboard was amazing and I thought every note had its life and meaning. Finally, I won the second runner-up in the competition, my effort was approved. The most valuable thing that I gained from the competition was not the award, it was the faith of determination.

Helen also experienced frustration. She was mad when she could not get the meaning of Anne, but her feelings changed when she straightened out her thinking. Although she could not learn as efficient as the others kids due to her physical limitations, she was still eager to learn and she worked very hard. From the story of Helen, we could conclude that life is full of challenges and setbacks. When we want to achieve our goals, there must be something tough that we need to overcome. It is normal to feel dejected when we are doing something which is not easy.

However, it is a must to over stride the barriers in order to succeed. Besides, the example of Li Yundi tells us, if you could overcome all the difficulties with you belief, you are getting much closer to your goal. Similar to the experience of Helen, I was lost when the competition came close. With the courage of Nicole, I decided to face my challenge. Look failures as information but not a total setback. If you believe you can do it, you can do it. We should not afraid of making mistakes, but we could learn from failures. Difficulties are just some barriers on the way to success which we can overcome with our belief.

Helen learned much slower than normal kids, therefore Anne explained many times in different ways and methods. When Helen learned what water is, Anne brought her out to the path and let her really touched it. Then, Anne spelled “w-a-t-e-r” to Helen for several times. Finally, Helen understood that water is something cool which would flow over her hand. She was learning in this way bit by bit, word by word. If you are willing to try, you are already on the way to success. You may fall down on the way, but you need to stand up again with great determination and faith.

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