Colleagues or superiors Essay Example
Colleagues or superiors Essay Example

Colleagues or superiors Essay Example

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  • Published: August 16, 2018
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Healthy relationships with colleagues would help us to become better individuals. There were times when my beliefs were different from those of others. I remember one specific incident that tested my belief. My colleagues at the AGS Ltd. were good people.

Most were greatly friendly towards the other peers, while trying to build good relations with each other. However, there was one belief they had that was different from mine –they enjoyed hanging out in bars after work. Hanging out with them would become a way for us to form a stronger bond with each other.

However, I felt that the actions of my colleagues strongly opposed my beliefs. Happy time was a normal leisure for people who are stressed out, but doing it eve


ry night was not included in my priority list.

There were times when I had to make up different excuses just to get myself out of their normal night outs. I was frustrated at some point, for I felt that I lacked the nerve to reach out and expand my horizon. Furthermore, I realized that I should stand up for what I believe in and just do what I believe is right.

Every time my colleagues hanged out at bars, I would go to the gym and improve my health. I felt that having a healthy body was better than risking my health through drinking. In addition to this, my decisions allowed me to perform better at work.

I did not have to worry about the necessary reasons I should give why I could not come to work. Instead, I had all the reasons to perform well

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and improve my craft as time passed by. My decisions were difficult to fulfill, but my goals in life helped me to overcome such disturbances.

Another instance that tested my belief happened during a project discussion conference. We were discussing on which shoe samples should be used for Kenneth Cole shoes.

A colleague suggested the use of suede for it was cheaper and unique. I felt uneasy with the reasons presented, and I felt that my suggestion would be most appropriate. At first, I did not want to speak up because I was afraid that my colleague would be embarrassed. However, I also felt responsible for the project and raised my suggestions in a more gentle way.

Eventually, my boss was impressed with my idea and decided to go with what I suggested.

My deed also came as an advantage for I was chosen to be the leader of the project, and prove to the world that I also have the capacity to lead. In my own little way, I was able to prove that I was not just someone who sits in the conference room listening and agreeing to the suggestions of others ---I was a competent man filled with ideas ready to conquer and shine this competitive world. Essay #2 (required):

Please give an example of a time when you added demonstrable benefit to an organization, or to a project you were involved in, by generating a new idea or a creative solution to a problem. (500 word maximum) I always give my best in everything that I do. I make sure that I get each requirement accordingly, making sure

that I do what was deemed from me.

There were times when my goals in life were also tested, but I had to make sure that I kept my head straight and do my job accordingly. Certain instances in my life have also helped me to innovate and find solutions to problems.

I remember the specific instance that helped change the course of my life forever. A Bayer official came into the office to show us their company’s newest invention.

He/she was a long time friend of my boss, and he came to introduce the new technology formulated by Bayer. Being observant, I paid close attention to what the Bayer official explained to my boss. I found his thoughts intriguingly true and beneficial to the growth of our business. He talked about how a thin layer of PU member, that is 100% waterproof, would not produce water vapor.

My own analysis suggested that this was a very impressive proposal that our company would benefit from in the future. Eventually, their conversation shifted on a more personal note, as they discussed their own lives. I went on and did what was deemed from me by my superiors. A few months later, Wal-mart came to the company equipped with a challenging task.

The said company wanted us to provide them with waterproof hiking shoes that may be sold at an affordable price. Our company started to do some research, and realized that we cannot use goretex or any similar material because they were costly.

We had to innovate and make sure that we would be able to give what our client wanted, or else

lose a lot of money for our company. Then I began to remember the proposal given by the Bayer official a few months earlier. I suggested that my boss make the call to his friend, and ask if the proposal was still available. We were fortunate enough to know that the proposal they sent us was still available, and a team up was made.

The said team up was a success, and we were able to provide the waterproof shoes that Wal-mart requested.

We were able to produce millions of shoes for the said company, and eventually help us increase our profit. My actions became beneficial from my end, for my boss and colleagues were able to appreciate my hard work and dedication in this field. I was recognized for my innovated thinking and leadership skills in our department. Eventually, I proved myself worthy of more work, and was always the preferred employee to lead projects. I learned that with hard work and determination would help us to become one step closer to our dreams and aspirations in life.

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