Bruce Dawe, Reading of Life Cycle Speech Essay Example
Bruce Dawe, Reading of Life Cycle Speech Essay Example

Bruce Dawe, Reading of Life Cycle Speech Essay Example

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  • Published: September 16, 2017
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That poem, written by Bruce Dade, conveys the idea that FALL is 'the way of life' and is as important of religion to Victorian people. 0 Good morning/afternoon to my fellow Class mates and Mrs. Daniels. As you know, my name is Sophie and I strongly believe that the poem "Life Cycle" is a poem that should be included as a representation of the Australian experience. Within this poem Dade refers to Australian history and also a variety of influences that makes this country what it is today.

Frequent preferences to these influences creates the clear image of Australia and gives the reader an idea of what Australia is like and what a majority of the peoples beliefs are. In 'Life cycle' Dade conveys the idea of FALL being the way of life to Victorian people by the use of techniques such as, religious allu


sions, alliterations, metaphors, similes, colloquial language and dialogue. He uses these to reflect the love of FALL to other major influences such as marriage, heaven, hell, and Greek mythology.

Life cycle talks about growing up in a family of football barracker and how being brought up in a amply of football supporters encourages and enforces the passion of football. That from the moment the child is born and through out their life, until death these people love football because of their up bringing. It talks about how these families influence their children so much that the football almost becomes religion, where the football grounds are their church. Throughout the poem 'life-cycle', Dade emphasizes and exaggerates that we are what we are taught.

That what we learn from our families defines

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and directs our way of life , personality, personal interests and bobbies. Dade uses themes such as sacred marriage and religion; he uses this theme to show how important football is to the people of Victoria. Football goes first and replaces everything, everything revolves around it, he uses techniques such as religious allusions, religious imagery, similes and much more to emphasis these ideas and qualities. Done of many examples is in stanza 4. 0" like the voice of God booms from the stands" This quote is a clear example of the idea of FALL being as important as religion.

This use of religious imagery is creating an image of that the oar of the crowd in the stand is the voice of God, that it is as mighty and powerful like God. These themes shows that FALL is as important as other major influences in life. And these influences are things that make up Australia. Australians are known for their love of sport and majority of people in this country believe in the religion of Christianity. Dade uses techniques and themes throughout the whole poem to bring together an idea of what Australia is. He conveys different images which make this even more clear for the reader.

He uses the techniques imagery, religious allusions and imagery, alliteration and enjambment to help convey the idea of how important the sport is to society how it is the way of life. These images make it easy to grasp this idea. "When children are born in Victoriously are wrapped in club-colors, laid in beribboned cots,already begun a life time of barracking. " You will find this quote in

stanza 1, this stanza which is made up of an alliteration and enjambment techniques shows a clear understanding of the idea that FALL is the way of life.

It is stating that people don't have a choice and that they are instantly thrown into a life of following an FALL club from birth, to be continued throughout their whole life and when ready, to be passed onto their children. This gives us an idea of a cycle, that the support of a team is always passed on to the new born over and over again, this continues and is apart of a complete cycle which is made up of and revolves around the Australian sport. Dade has structured this poem to be a part of that exact cycle.

Following a child from rite, following him right up to his first experience of a live football match, being surrounded by FALL supporters and thrust into a lifetime of supporting for a certain football club. This is why society maintain their love for the sport, because it is continually being passed on onto future generations. In conclusion I believe that this is an outstanding poem with a clear understanding of how important sport is to Victorians. It also shows a very clear understanding of different aspects of Australian culture such as the religion and the love of sport that s Australians have.

It's because of these reasons why I believe that this poem should be included as representative of the Australian experience due to the clear images and ideas conveyed throughout. This is a poem that a majority of society can relate to, even if sport doesn't

interest you, you could have a connection with religion. It's because of this that it can relate to such a large variety of people. Life Cycle is not only an outstanding poem, but its also informative of what modern society in Australia's is like.

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