Bradstreet’s Poetry versus Wheatley’s Essay Example
Bradstreet’s Poetry versus Wheatley’s Essay Example

Bradstreet’s Poetry versus Wheatley’s Essay Example

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  • Published: January 16, 2018
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Breadbasket's Poetry Versus Hatless Anne Broadsheet and Phillips Whitley were two major women poets who wrote about the obstacles they had to overcome in their lives.

Some obstacles these women had to overcome were being able to produce and publish acceptable work as well as gender and racial difficulties. Anne Broadsheet was the first published poet in the New World and Phillips Whitley was an African slave. Both of these women wrote brilliant poetry that is still read today.

Broadsheet talks about topics such as her legislation with her husband and children and her struggles with religion. In her poem "A Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment," her husband was gone and coming back soon, but whenever she looked at her children, she was reminded of him. She wi


shed he was there with her because he is like the sun, full of warmth and kindness, and her life revolved around him; without him she would be nothing.

In her poem "Before the Birth of One of Her Children," she believed that she was going to die during childbirth, but she wasn't the only one, because many women jack then had the same fear.

Also, if she passed away, she was worried that her children were going to end up with a horrible stepmother, so she frequently asked God to protect her and her children. Although Broadsheet was a woman who expressed great amounts of faith, she was often left struggling when her feelings turned to resentment, confusion, and betrayal towards everyone around her. Often things went badly for her, and she doubted God because she thought he was punishing her for the

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wrong things she had done.

Since she doubted God, she would pray and realize that everything happens for a reason.

She wasn't being punished; there was a lesson that needed to be learned, and when she struggled, she wouldn't Whitley, who was a writer over a hundred years later, had faced problems that were entirely different than Breadbasket's difficulties. Whitley was an African slave, and slaves were not educated at all, so it surprised many people that Phillips was indeed a great poet. Though her life was better than most slaves, this did not mean that it was any easier.

Hatless "parents" wanted her to be treated just like one of their own children, so they taught her how to read and write.

Whitley took advantage of the fact that she received an education and in her poetry she wrote about her beliefs, concerns, and dreams. Waterless very excited when she was taken to the United States from Africa because she was able to become a Christian. However, in her poem "Letter to Samson Com," she expressed her unhappiness with the bigotry of Christians. She said that It doesn't take an Idiot to figure out that slavery Is wrong.

There should not be deferent rules for treating both blacks and whites; they should all be equal. Both Broadsheet and Whitley were women who had difficult obstacles to overcome. During these hard times they became published writers and gained have been, they still found a way to incorporate it into their poems. For both women, education was the biggest thing that allowed them to do things that they have never dreamed they would be able to

accomplish. To some people, these women could have been the starting point from which the Equal Rights movement began.

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