Different Points of View Make Life Interesting Essay

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Today’s society is crawling with copious amounts of individualistic personalities. We have such a broad spectrum of opinions and beliefs because we are so much more wide spread than previous years. People are more out-going, more liberal, more independent, and generally more unreserved and outspoken. Different viewpoints, opinions and beliefs enrich our lives by creating a more colorful and complex world. Could you imagine a world without opinion, or conflict?

A world with no differences, no other cultures, no languages, nothing. It seems to be a little two-dimensional, doesn’t it? Sure, there are some things we could do without, such as homophobia, racism, most variations of conflict, really, but would it really be enjoyable? Without all these differences our lives would be a little like the movie 1984 by George Orwell. We need difference in our society. Having our own thoughts and ideas makes us who we are, so without them, we would not even be ourselves.

To find oneself is one of life’s many challenges, we become who we are at different points in our lives, but as early as one liberates itself from the womb we are enveloped in an extremely colorful world. We try different foods, read different books, watch different shows, and our brains evaluate what we like and dislike. Thus, we develop opinions, and as we age we learn more and more, constantly accessing different information. We learn sports, we figure out we don’t like sports, and maybe we like poetry.

Perhaps your best friend is in love with boys, perhaps you are in love with girls, and maybe you both share an impeccable adoration for ice cream sundaes. Truly, if we all agreed on everything, what would be the fun in that? Conflict is more or less seen as erroneous subject, but it is sprouted from personal individualism. We also learn greatly from conflict in many ways. We are not speaking of World War type conflict, but more or less a disagreement on a specific bias. We learn because we discover the points of view of others!

Generally in a conflicting sense, we do not believe the other’s beliefs, but on the contrary, we are being displayed their ideas. The ideas of others help us grow and learn. We need these differences to define us as humans. The viewpoints of others make a difference in our lives. Religion, desire, opinions, they all make life much less vapid. Without such things life would be far less 3-dimensional and far more 2-dimensional. As humans we seek growth and knowledge and variety. Without different points of view, life would be pointless and redundant. Divergence is essential.

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