Comparing life to a roller coaster
Comparing life to a roller coaster

Comparing life to a roller coaster

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  • Published: October 27, 2017
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Many people have compared life to a roller coaster. I can’t hate to agree with the masses but the truth is I do. It goes up and down but it is always moving.

I help but notice that its always going to end. I see life as a decline. 7:30, My ritual waking time. This is actually the time I get woken up.

Not wake. More often than not my head slumps back on the pillow. There are many ways that I am enticed out of bed, normally the sheets are ripped off my back. This is particularly effective in November, when the air is crisp and chilled.

I do not believe I could start my day without a shower but even after this I am not fully awake.My head is never really clear until about lunchtime. This cannot be helped by the absence of breakfast in my life. I am told time and time again, ‘It’s the most important meal of the day’, but I just can’t stomach food in the morning.

There is then the mad scramble for books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really very untidy or disorganised, its just mornings have never been good for any member of my family. The walk to school. I actually enjoy this time, because it is about the only quiet, time I get in the whole of my day. It gives me time to think of important things in life like what lessons I have on that day.I can’t say that I think about deep things like the meaning of life or doe


s God exist because at the present, these things don’t bother me as much as homework or revision.

Also on the way to school is a chance to listen to music. Then its school time. I have never really minded going to school. It’s a chance to see all my friends and enemies.

The only thing, so far as I can see wrong with school is education. I’d be lying be if I said I enjoyed education. The stress of GCSE’s and A levels is like a constant weight pressing down. I think the course should be spread out over a longer period of time.

This would help to ease the pressure. I generally cope with school ok. I’m not bothered by exams. I have that annoying fact retaining mind. I can remember what year the Battle of Britain was but not what happened on Eastenders last night. After school I’m usually feeling rather peckish.

This is when I raid the fridge. Anything will do at this point. The nearest thing. Often a slice of bread or a bowl of cereal.

I set homework aside and promise to always do it later. This results in a frantic storm the next morning blaming the closest person to hand.I am like every other teenager of my generation in the way that I like a healthy dose of TV after school. A time where my brain can shutdown and let my eyes do all the work. It’s after this that I drag myself upstairs to my room where I listen t

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This is also the only time I would ever consider doing homework. Music plays an important role in my life. I love listening to it If there was one thing I could take on a desert island with me, it would be my Cd collection (and of course a Cd player). I don’t just listen to loud, fast music. I need some music to chill out to.I also play the guitar but I only play loud and fast.

This is only suppressed by loud thumps on my wall. I also enjoy playing the guitar so much. People have said that I have had musical talent from when I was nine, playing the piano but I absolutely loathed doing it. I’m glad I have a talent at something it might make up for my utter hopelessness at sport. This doesn’t stop me trying though.

I actually do like playing sport but I can’t face the embarrassment and masked laughs at my pass to the opposition. I like to change my clothes when I come home from school but I usually don’t bother.I don’t have any system when I get dressed, (except at school), I mean I don’t colour co-ordinate or anything. It’s just a case of what’s clean. I’m rather meticulous about what I consume.

I won’t eat fast food unless I trust the content. If I go out I try to buy from small, family-run bakers or cafes. I like to think I can trust them not to use medically unsuitably deemed meat. This has definitely come from my mother. She won’t buy food unless it is kept half a mile away from any chemical. The computer is normally the next stop.

This is where I can do any homework I have that involves typing.Again I have lots of music on my computer. This I download off the internet most nights. Before bed I do one of two things. I either read a book or watch TV.

I never used to like reading but recently it became addictive. Ever since I read ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland, it has become second nature and often find I have picked up a book without realising. TV has always helped me sleep. I’m always drifting off in front of it.

It’s probably something to do with the whole story before bed routine inherited from childhood. I will fall asleep with troubles set aside anticipating the day ahead.

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