Michael Bubl?© Jazz Essay Example
Michael Bubl?© Jazz Essay Example

Michael Bubl?© Jazz Essay Example

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  • Published: June 9, 2017
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Review Michael Buble is often referred to as the ‘new face of jazz’; the thirty-eight year old jazz/pop sensation has won three Grammy awards as well as multiple Juno awards.

Buble has had ten albums, which have all been great hits. Buble’s 2009 album Crazy Love debuted at number one after only three days of sales. Buble is a Canadian who was born September 9th, 1975. Buble claims, in an Oprah interview, he slept with a bible and prayed every night to become a singer.

He grew up listening to his grandfather’s jazz music, and credits him for his love of jazz music.Buble did many shows and gigs to get where he stands today. He is best known for his Christmas cd, Christmas. His smooth, cool voice and jazzy feel created an incredible and memorable Christmas album that will never die ou


t. Buble’s album ‘It’s Time’ was released February 8th, 2005 and was a massive hit, winning 3 echo awards for best album, best pop album and best jazz production. Buble’s album, It’s Time, consists of thirteen songs; featuring top hit songs Home, Feeling Good and Quando Quando Quando.

The album consists of two featured artists, Nelly Furtado and Chris Botti.Chris Botti is a jazz sensation; he’s an excellent trumpeter and composer. Botti is featured on Buble’s ‘A Song For You’, the eleventh track on the album. The track begins with an excellent, smooth solo by Botti.

It creates a smooth, soft feel and slow tempo for the song. I believe the best song on the entire album is the opening track, ‘Feeling Good’. Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse originally wrote this song for

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a musical in the 60s. It has been covered by a variety of artists with all different styles.

Michael Buble’s version has a very quick tempo with a big band sort of feel to it.All the instruments go together with perfect harmony and pitch. There doesn’t seem to be too much improvisation, which I like because it sounds a lot more pleasant and arranged. I enjoy the song ‘Quando Quando Quando’ a lot because it has a very cool jazz sort of feel to it.

It has the sort of Latin sense to it as well. I feel as if the beat is very repetitive and would be easy to dance to, because the melody is also very simple. As is the song ‘Home’, which is a very popular song and has another recording by Buble and country artist Blake Shelton.The song ‘Home’ doesn’t contain any sort of brass instruments and is the only track on the cd that lacks the true essence of jazz. The track ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ is a tune with a very slow tempo and simple, sing-able melody.

The song begins with a slow percussion beat, a deep simple melody by an alto-sax and a soft high-pitch piano melody. The song is originally by the jazz legend Frank Sinatra, who is one of Buble’s personal favorites. Buble’s cover of the tune is exceptional. The song contains a very simple melody of trumpets.About halfway through the song there is a solo where it sounds as if a trumpet is using a plunger, which creates a really interesting sound in the song. The tune ‘How Sweet It Is’ is a

very different kind of song.

It has a western sort of essence to it. The original is by Marvin Gaye, whose version has more of a soft, cool jazz sort of feel to it. Buble truly modernized the song in his own rock-n-roll kind of jazzy version. I think it also has a big band feel; there are many instruments in it.

I hear lots of trumpets throughout the song, as well as what sounds like an alto-sax.I really enjoy this song; I think it is a different sort of jazz than I usually hear. The last track ‘You and I’ is a very soft, contemporary kind of song. It is a very soft song that Michael Buble is singing along with a variety of string instruments and a piano. The song ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ is similar to this song as well. They both lack a real sort of jazz feel, but Michael Buble’s voice still manages to give it a soft jazz feel.

The song ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ is one of the best tracks on the album.Buble created an incredible cover of this tune. The song was originally by The Beatles, who were not at all any sort of jazz, but an alternative rock-n-roll sort of group. Buble truly covered this song in a unique way and made it his own.

The song has lots of sorts of improvisation in it, whether it is through the piano, trumpet or Michael Buble’s own voice. The song definitely has a big band feel to it, there is a lot going on at once, but I believe it all goes together perfectly. There is no

sort of dissonance throughout the song, which I enjoy.It all creates a perfect blend of notes to go along with Buble’s unique, amazing voice. My overall favorite track on the album is the second tune, A Foggy Day (In London Town. ) The song feels sort of like swing jazz, with a fun, quick tempo.

The instruments in the background all go together in great harmony, creating a big band sort of sound. Buble’s voice makes it excellent. My favorite part of the song is at the very end where the pianist has a quick little solo and he plays a set of high pitch notes to end the song. It creates a fun sort of ending to the song.Buble’s album, It’s Time, is overall one of his best. I’d recommend it to any jazz fan, or Buble fan in general.

It has all different types of jazz in it. Which is why I think Michael Buble is an amazing jazz artist, as well as a sort of contemporary artist. Buble is perfect for people who enjoy an essence of jazz, but still like to have a song full of lyrics and an artist with an incredible voice, not just an instrumental song. I believe having jazz music with great lyrics is a lot better and more enjoyable than instrumental jazz.

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