A Study of Relationship Dialects Essay Example
A Study of Relationship Dialects Essay Example

A Study of Relationship Dialects Essay Example

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  • Published: March 4, 2022
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Relationship dialects entail continuous and opposing pressures in any form of personal relationship. Baxter alongside his colleagues identifies three forms of dialects persisted in close relationships. This paper seeks to describe the three dialects. In addition, it will present a relationships in which I dealt with each type identified and the approaches embraced to resolve such issues.

The first identifiable dialect is the dialect of autonomy or connection. Here, individuals are faced with conflicting desires to separate as well as maintain connectedness. As a result opposing pressures are created in a relationship. For instance, close intimacy with friends repeatedly conflicts with the desire to maintain individuality. The dialect is common in romantic relationships especially during vacations and in family relationships during holidays. In such relationships therefore it becomes challenging to accommodate indi


vidualism and closeness.

The dialect of novelty or predictability on the other hand entails the urge to uphold routine practices due to their security and predictability while at the same time seeking novel practices to break monotony. For instance, while families desire to conduct certain ceremonies such as birthdays at set dates and places, they as well find it desirable break their routine and perform such ceremonies at different places and dates.
The dialect of openness or closedness entails the conflicting desires to open up or maintain privacy. For example, the desire to maintain total openness in intimate relationships sometimes conflicts with closedness. Despite the desire to share our inner stories in romantic relationships, we sometimes find others difficult to disclose. In family relationships for instance, the urge to share all our feelings sometimes is shut especially when it comes to sexual matters.

Mary and I have bee

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into an intimate relationship for over 2 years now. A few weeks ago, I during visit to the Golden Gate Bridge despite the strong desire to remain connected to her, I was moved by the urge to remain individual. Being autonomous that particular day allowed me to meditate upon the nature of the world. I was also confronted with the conflicting desires to either use the routine bridge to cross the scenic ocean or a new electric boat that was recently invented.

To resolve such tensions, I embraced four major approaches. Firstly I embraced the neutralization approach. Here I maintained a balance between the opposing forces. I ensured neither of the opposing desires was totally fulfilled rather a balance between the two extremes. Another approach that I employed was separation. Here I fully satisfied one desire at the expense of the other. In crossing the see for instance, I chose to forgo the new invention for the bridge. Segmentation was also employed in resolving issues arising. Here we agreed to maintain openness while simultaneously upholding privacy in our relationship. Lastly, reframing was also embraced. Here the conflicting desires were redefined as not conflicting. Conclusively, not all the approaches worked out. Some were successful while others failed.

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