Racism in schools is a problem that has been around for far too long. It is an issue of great concern, not only because of the physical and emotional harm it causes to individuals, but also because it creates divisiveness among students. Racism can manifest itself through bullying, exclusionary behavior, derogatory language or even violence. This type of discrimination affects student learning outcomes and school climate”both of which are important factors in determining academic success. In order to address racism in schools, administrators must first recognize that racism exists within their communities. They should be open to hearing from students who have experienced or witnessed racist incidents and take steps to ensure all students feel safe and included on campus. Creating a zero-tolerance policy towards racial discrimination is one way to show the school’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for everyone regardless of race. Additionally, efforts should be made to provide cultural awareness training for faculty members as well as workshops for students about recognizing bias and how to respond appropriately when faced with discriminatory behavior. Schools must also work towards providing equitable access to resources such as advanced classes, extracurricular activities or leadership opportunities so every student can maximize their talents without worrying about encountering racism from teachers or peers. Schools can also host events like seminars on tolerance or diversity days where speakers discuss topics related to understanding different cultures or combating prejudice and bigotry within their community. Ultimately these initiatives will help create an environment where everyone is accepted no matter what their background may be so they can learn safely free from any fear of being targeted due to their race or ethnicity.

The Culture Effect On Racism Essay Example
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The impact of racism is felt no matter how hard people tend to hide it. From the post, the author is a young girl who was brought up in a black community. During her early years as a kid, she was brought up believing that the white people were bad and cruel towards the blacks. […]

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Birthday Racism in Schools
Discrimination on African-Americans Essay Example
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America as a country is yet to overcome the challenge of discrimination despite the fact that it is led by a duly- elected African-American president. In the recent year certain movements such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ have been created as a measure aimed at bringing the issue of racism to an end. The group has […]

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Discrimination Racism in Schools
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