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Advanced Pathophysiology Oncology Pathophysiology Risk Factors For Cancer
patho ch 5 – Flashcards 31 terms
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Oncology Risk Factors For Cancer
ch 20 cancer (patho final) – Flashcards 31 terms
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Biology Cancer Cell Division Risk Factors For Cancer The Body The Brain
KIN-199 Cancer WebQuest – Flashcards 19 terms
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Abnormal Psychology Risk Factors For Cancer
Flashcards About Health Psychology 40 terms
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Advanced Pathophysiology Moderate Physical Activity Oncology Pathophysiology Risk Factors For Cancer Vigorous Physical Activity
CLP3314: Health Psychology Exam 3 Review Questions – Flashcards 22 terms
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Average Life Expectancy Internal Locus Of Control Moderate Physical Activity Physical And Mental Health Physical Science Risk Factors For Cancer
Ch 9 Improving Your Physical Fitness – Flashcards 346 terms
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Nursing Risk Factors For Cancer
concepts 3 cell reg 1 – Flashcards 77 terms
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Body Mass Index Chronic Health Conditions Moderate Alcohol Consumption Nursing Risk Factors For Cancer Risk Factors For Heart Disease
Chapter 12 health 231 – Flashcards 110 terms
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Fasting Blood Glucose Level Nursing Risk Factors For Cancer
Respiratory (continued) – Pneumonia & Lung Cancer – Flashcards 84 terms
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Abnormal Psychology Advanced Pathophysiology Health Psychology Risk Factors For Cancer
Pathophysiology Quiz 2 (Cancer, Inflammation, Immunity, Diabetes) – Flashcards 92 terms
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Coronary Heart Disease Dose Response Relationship Ethics Public Health Risk Factors For Cancer
Test Answers on Final – Flashcard 110 terms
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Oncology Risk Factors For Cancer Signs And Symptoms
Oncology pictures – Flashcards 47 terms
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What are the environmental risk factors for cancer?
chemical carcinogens, pollution, radiation, diet, sexual behavior, pharmaceutical agents, obesity, chronic inflammation
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/pathophysiology-quiz-2-cancer-inflammation-immunity-diabetes/
________ risk factors for cancer, include genetics and family history, whereas ______ risk factors include smoking and diet. A. Inherent; behavioral B. Inherent; environmental C. Behavioral; inherent D. Behavioral; environmental
List several risk factors for cancer development
Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol use, and aging
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/bio-study/
other risk factors for cancers
– age – environmental contaminants – genetics – sedentary lifestyle – smoking and tobacco use – stress
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/10-diet-and-health/
dietary risk factors for cancers
– high in salty or pickled foods – high in saturated and/or trans fat – low in fruits, veggies, & other foods rich in fiber and phytochemicals – low in vitamins and/or minerals – excessive alcohol intake
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/10-diet-and-health/
Additional Risk Factors for cancer
Obesity, Physical inactivity, poor nutrition Immunosuppressed clients African Americans have highest risk for cancer followed by caucasians Heredity Exposure to UV rays Exposure to carcinogens Stress Previous history of other types of cancer or chemotherapy
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/nclex-oncology/
Diet Risk Factors for Cancer
High-fat, low-fiber diet are more prone to develop colon cancers. Diets high in fiber reduce the risk of colon cancer. High-fat diets are linked to breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Consumption of large amounts of pickled, smoked, and charbroiled foods has been linked with esophageal and stomach cancers. A diet low in vitamins A, C, and E is associated with cancers of the lungs, esophagus, mouth, larynx, cervix, and breast.
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/chapter-11-nursing-care-of-patients-with-cancer/
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