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Which of the following was not an example of Northern resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act?
Lengthy legal battles on behalf of runaway slaves
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What did the fugitive slave act establish
It made it illegal to assist runaway slaves
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What was the Fugitive Slave Act?
law that required all citizens to aid in apprehending runaway slaves
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how did the fugitive slave act and the kansas-nebraska act increase tension between north and south?
-northerners passed personal liberty laws to combat the fugitive slave act angering southerners -the kansas-nebraska act nullified the missouri compromise and caused some northerners and southerners to set up anti slavery and pro slavery governments in kansas -nebraska territory broke into kansas and nebraska giving each other territory to allow or not allow slavery
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Describe the Fugitive Slave Act and what the enforcement of this act led to
The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 required citizens to help catch runaways and to not help fugitives. Enforcement of this act led to Northerners becoming more angry and convinced about the evils of slavery. To enforce this law, Southerners would take back slaves who had been living in the North for years and would force free African Americans into slavery. Despite this, Northerners who were a part of the Underground Railroad and other antislavery organizations still aided runaways and helped to buy and free slaves. Northern juries did not convict those accused of breaking the Fugitive Slave Law.
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Why did the Fugitive Slave Act prove to be the most controversial part of the Compromise of 1850?
The new law denied people accused of being runaways of fundamental rights.
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The Fugitive Slave Act angered Northerners because
it increased federal intervention in the affairs of independent states
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The Fugitive Slave Act, part of the Compromise of 1850,
stipulated that all citizens were expected to assist officials in apprehending runaway slaves.
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The northern states responded to the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act by sponsoring
personal-liberty laws.
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Know did northern states react to the fugitive slave act
Passing personal liberty laws
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