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AP United States History AP World History Great Britain And France Lewis And Clark
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Britain And The United States Lewis And Clark Lewis And Clark Expedition
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AP United States History AP World History History of the Americas Lewis And Clark Lewis And Clark Expedition
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AP United States History AP World History John Quincy Adams Lewis And Clark Supreme Court
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Age And Experience Civil War Lewis And Clark
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Bait And Switch Climatology Glaciers Lewis And Clark Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacology Public High School
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Authors Drinks Lewis And Clark
Streams to The River River to The Sea – Flashcards 47 terms
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AP United States History East And West Lewis And Clark Pave The Way United States History-Other
Chapter 3: Exam Review 19 terms
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Executive Order 9066 Group Theory Lewis And Clark Lewis And Clark Expedition Spain
Washington State history test answers – Flashcards 53 terms
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In their journey westward, Lewis and Clark traveled the furthest distance on which river?
Why did President Jefferson send Lewis and Clark West?
To explore newly acquired US Territory.
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Lewis and Clark’s Expedition Goals:
*make contact with Native Americans *find a waterway between Mississippi River and Pacific *report on geography, plants, animals, and natural features
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Lewis and Clark uni
3.6-4.2 GPA, 1210-1360 sat
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On their journey of exploration from Missouri to Oregon, Lewis and Clark were accompanied by the American Indian interpreter
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Lewis and Clark of 1804
sent on an expedition by Jefferson to gather information of the United States’ new land and map a route from the Mississippi to the Pacific. They kept very careful maps and records of the new land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase
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Slave of Lewis and Clark
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