Spirit of the People Movie Essay Example
Spirit of the People Movie Essay Example

Spirit of the People Movie Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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Mbira Music: The Spirit of the People is a film that expressed the social messages of the people of Zimbabwe through beautiful singing. Directed by Simon Bright, the movie depicts how Zimbabwean farmers and musicians have traditionally used song to tell their stories. This essay provides a critical analysis of the documentary's title, various music genres performed, and other aspects of the film. The documentary highlights the prominent use of the Mbira, an African musical instrument that enhances the music.

The film "Mbira-Spirit of the People" gets its name from the fact that Mbira was created to bring music to life and ensure that the song's purpose is to move the spirit of the people. The intention behind the song was to summon individuals and ignite their spirits to motivate them, resulting in unity for a common cause. The performers of the


se songs are typically members of the community who understand the challenges and feel compelled to rally the spirits in order to overcome the difficulties presented by life (Mbira Music: The Spirit of the People, 1992). These Zimbabwean songs fall into the folk genre and encompass various themes such as political liberation, encouragement for hard work, and teachings that promote good morals in society. The Mbira instrument adds an extra touch to the singing, as it invigorates the participants who sing with passion, dance with strength, and involves all members of society. Throughout the music, the community members revel in enjoyment and feel inspired by the powerful words in the song, which significantly motivates their spirits.

The music starts with the instruments striking up emotions, and as more people join in, the music gains momentum. Th

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performers get carried away in the song, serving its purpose and engaging the community members. Using music to improve their lives is something that the audience finds interesting. Sometimes, the message is understood by the audience and they are persuaded to join in to achieve a common goal. A prime example is the Chimurenga War songs, which helped bring people together to oppose colonial rule. The songs have a crucial role in African culture as a means of communication. They convey social messages while also entertaining participants and audiences.

The music in Zimbabwe played a vital role in connecting community members with their ancestors and seeking their intercession to God, as they believed their ancestors had a closer relationship with God. It is important to note that music held significant importance in the lives of people in Zimbabwe. Additionally, Mbira played a crucial role in uniting the community both spiritually and socially. Music, being a powerful and enjoyable tool, greatly contributed to the enhancement of the community.

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