The Challenges of Technology Today Essay Example
The Challenges of Technology Today Essay Example

The Challenges of Technology Today Essay Example

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  • Published: August 25, 2021
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There are many challenges facing leaders in the purchasing and supply management field today. Whether it is economics, policies, manufacturers, transportation, market growth, or globalization; they are all influenced by technology. Leaders today must be able to master and take full advantage of the technology available while overcoming potential challenges.

Technology affects purchasing and supply management in many ways. Many manufacturing processes are moving from a manual labor process to an automated process; however, this is not as simple as removing workers from the lines and putting machines in their place. Managers now must also consider the maintenance, repairs, replacement costs, and upgrades for the automated systems and the added expenses for qualified personnel to maintain the systems.


Technology today makes it easier for purchasers to find multiple organizations to provide products they need. According to Gunasekaran, Subramania


n and Papadopoulos, information technology has “revolutionized traditional logistics and supply chains to achieve numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and responsiveness” (2017). With this, customers are expecting to receive high quality merchandise, quickly, and exceeding expectations (Gilling & Ulmer, 2016).

Information technology can be a great asset; however, it is critical for the organization to be able to utilize the information to plan at the strategic level, tactical level, and operational level (Erdil & Erbiyik, 2017). Without trained, educated, and knowledgeable personnel, the company will not be able to adequately utilize the technology to stay relevant. The managers in supply management need to be able to make decisions on what technology will be utilized and how to integrate them into the organization in order to make relevant decisions in operations.

Information technology (IT) is readily available to most people whether the

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are global businesses, small businesses, or individuals. Supply chain management is greatly affected by the IT infrastructure (OlĂĄh, ZĂ©man, Balogh, & Popp, 2017). Organizations need to share information and analyze data in order to make informed decisions. Another challenge in the global market is policies and legislation in different countries. This legislation may necessitate organizations to quickly change purchasing and transportation requirements (OlĂĄh et al., 2017)

Supply management cannot become complacent in technology. As new technologies become available, managers need to have foresight and knowledge to make key decisions. The management will need to work with other knowledgeable personnel; as new technology becomes available and a decision is slow coming, this could have a negative impact on the organization.


One recommendation is purchasers and supply management need to take full advantage of what technology offers. There are many systems available to provide the accountability and visibility of the organization’s operations. In order to make use of the IT, management needs to ensure they are “working effectively as a team, retaining the experts that are experienced in the international markets, manage time well, having good sales forecast, and don’t assume too much” (Gilling & Ulmer, 2016).

Managers also need to take advantage of information systems that provide “benefits in marketing; especially for the monitoring of sales, market surveys, evaluation of data from market surveys, preparation and classification of sales reports, distribution of products” (Erdil & Erbiyik, 2017).

Another recommendation is that supply management and purchasers need to be more forthcoming with information. The key to managing the supply chain is information measuring and monitoring. Information technology allows “collaboration and sharing of data and information in order to identify shifts in

the market and take appropriate actions such as moving facilities, changing suppliers, and outsourcing” (Gunasekaran et al., 2017). According to Oláh et al., “ability, confidentiality, popularity, and robustness also contribute to the secure deployment of supply chains” (2017).


The field of management needs to be immersed in the field of technology for the most efficient and effective structure of manufacturing and distribution. Purchasers and supply management personnel need to be fully aware of the potential with technology and be trained experts in their field for the best efficiency. These people also need to be mindful of the global arena and the numerous variables involved in the manufacture and distribution beside the integral legal implications with international law.

This would challenge management to be constantly updating themselves on the newest programs accessible for high quality technology in the structure. Management also needs to be cognizant of the personnel being the right people in the right places with the right training. It may be to management’s advantage to seek after those technicians who have special abilities in programing that the technology needs would be supplied from within.

The internet makes globalization of supply more accessible to all organizations. Suppliers are now able to be seen around the world providing information on their products, pricing, shipping information, and many more details to potential buyers. Mangers need to find ways of building trust and partnerships with other organizations around the world.

The use of technology should include the best face-to-face communications as well as real time displays of merchandise. There are many new technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and drone technology, that would enhance better purchasing or selling of a product

allowing purchasers and supply management to see use of the merchandise to determine its usefulness for the needs of the company.

Technology is always improving and changing. With this purchasers and supply managers must be able to stay current on technologies not only currently available but also what is coming in the future.

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