Process of Learning: Verbal and Visual Instructions Essay Example
Process of Learning: Verbal and Visual Instructions Essay Example

Process of Learning: Verbal and Visual Instructions Essay Example

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  • Published: October 5, 2021
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Many are the tasks that are conducted by people in everyday life. All these tasks require skills which are mostly taught. During the process of learning, both verbal and visual instructions are used. This has been found to have effect on the way people understand certain concepts. The authors of the article on Post-learning and visual information and motor memory, provides information on the effects of after learning verbal information on memory.

According to these authors, there are many cases where instructions of motor tasks are presented in visual and verbal form. Research indicates that verbal information which is mostly presented after visual information is capable of having changes or influence on the memory. A study was carried out in order to determine the effect of verbal information presented after a visual effect. The paper will include critical information of the study through the di


scussion of the experiment in regard to the information presented by the author. It will also discuss information according to the steps provided in the instructions.

The main purpose of the author is to demonstrate the interaction of verbal information and visual information presented during learning. According to the experiment, verbal information presented after visual information was found to be misleading in case of hand manipulated task. It is therefore important to focus on the ways in which information presented after a visual effect affects the memory. The author suggests that verbal information affects the original understanding by affect the memory. The initial representation of information determines the effects which are caused by verbal information on hand manipulated tasks. In the research, 86 students were involved (Huff, Maurer, 2014).

The experiment involved visual recognitio

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test on making of archaic bowline. All participants were supposed to fill a questionnaire regarding their understanding on how to tie an archaic bowline. There were various apparatus which were used which included; computers, notebooks and ropes. Every short end of the used ropes was colored with yellow. There were also videos which provided guidelines on how to tie archaic bowline.

After provision of materials which were needed in the experiment. Participants were involved in a test. This was to determine their understanding after a visual presentation which involved the process of tying an archaic bowline. Their results were collected and recorded for comparison. After the completion of visual test, verbal information was presented regarding method of tying an archaic bowline. Students were then involved into a process of making an archaic bowline. To prove the purpose of the experiment, many students were not able to make an archaic bowline. Many of them made a cowboy bowline which was a result of confusion based on the verbal misleading information which was presented later.

According to the results of the study, the author was able to present information regarding the effect of verbal MI on the memory. Due to misleading verbal information, it was expected that majority of people would tie the cowboy bowline instead of the archaic bowline. This is due to the effect of the verbal information which was provided after visual information. This was according to the aim of the experiment which was to determine the effect of verbal information presented after visual information through an experiment. Based on the results of the experiment, several weaknesses were found.

To start with, a number of eight people

were excluded from the experiment due to their results. Unlike others, their results turned out to be neutral and thus affecting the number of people who participated and the results as well. This indicates that among the selected students, there were some of them who did not understand the concept and the purpose of the experiment. This is described as a weakness which is capable of affecting the results of the experiment.

The author was able to accomplish the purpose of the experiment though not as expected. The experiment provided information regarding the fact that verbal information has effect on memory while presented after visual information. The limitations and challenges of the experiment which were experienced did not have mush effects on the results. Though this is the case, one could have predicted the results even before finishing the experiment.

This is due to the fact that the concept on verbal MI effect on the memory could already be seen. The issue of gender could have also affected the results of the experiment considering that out of eighty six students, male students were only twenty four. The level of understanding of the two genders is different and this could have affected the results of the experiment. It was important to balance the two genders in order to ensure fairness and proper results.

This study had great importance since it provided information on the importance of improving learning environments. The experiment proved that learning environments can change the understanding of various concepts. The experiment can be of great help to teachers and management of learning institutions regarding ways that they can maintain a proper learning environment.

This is through the

understanding of how verbal information can have much effect on the memory especially when it comes to hand-manipulative tasks. There was therefore a great need of conducting this experiment since it provides detailed information together with facts on changes on motor memory due to post learning verbal information.

The intended audiences in this case are the teachers and representatives in various learning institutions. They may also include people who are involved in teaching of hand-manipulative tasks. This information is important to them considering that they are guided on ways that they improve their learning through avoiding confusion. The writing style does favor the intended audience considering that it is complex and thus creates a chance for all people to understand. The author provides different definition of the words in the article for purpose of creating understanding.

The author followed all the steps in the experiment though the experiment could have been repeated again. This would have helped in getting better results. Conducting experiment for more than one time helps in comparing results and overcoming challenges which exist. This would also help in determining the right method that would have provided better results. It is not good to rely on the first information and thus why many experiments are conducted more than one time for efficiency and better results. The study therefore addressed the purpose of the experiment through provided results which indicated that verbal information resented after visual information affects the memory.

Experiment on the effects of after learning verbal information provides information on changes which occur to visual and motor memory. This applies to hand manipulative tasks as seen in the experiment. The study has a great

importance since it sheds light on parts which need to be worked on in order to improve teaching of motor skills. The author is objective and avoids biases. He also meets the purpose through the provision of results of the experiment.

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