Nike and the Local Culture Essay Example
Nike and the Local Culture Essay Example

Nike and the Local Culture Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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From the Prehistoric perspective, Nike faces criticism as one of the multinational corporations that outsource its manufacturing processes to factories found in the third world countries. The characteristics of those countries are poor animate conditions. Modern mobile devices have some personal messaging systems that are uniform desiring the equivalent aspects of telecommunication from others. Users have oscillated tests that determine what they see for even if searching for the assistance providers of their mobile devices and facilities.
Kobayashi (2011) maintains that Nike embodies some aspects of imperialistic culture. Imperialistic culture emphasizes on all forms of domination that a company would want to impose its cultural setting on others. Nike has a wide range of products that are more popular with the media advertisements. Nike demonstrated imperialism through the artificial inducement of the western culture, and more specifically


the culture of the United States to other pre-established global local cultures.

Global Stratification

Globally stratifying other cultures is a concept that has varied effects. For instance, it is the cause of some form of local culture hindrances by influencing the wisdom of the people. This is because the concept dictates the abilities of people for them to afford their costly living. When considering the issue of modification, stratification is unmodified hence takes outsourcing into consideration while causing the untended surrounding of the third world countries (Köhler, 2006). It has some positive effects in that it is a source of income offering new job opportunities to people. From the negative perspective, globally stratifying the nations causes a diminishing effect on their local cultures. The prudence of imperialistic nations takes effect now that they would have artificially injected the foreign cultures t

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the nations that they locally exploit.


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