Impact of Globalization on Culture Essay Example
Impact of Globalization on Culture Essay Example

Impact of Globalization on Culture Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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Globalization has greatly influenced the life history of Samir Moussa on several levels. It has allowed him to interact with friends and relatives from different settings. He has been exposed to various languages including French, Spanish, Arabic and English. However, this paper focuses on globalization and its impact on the culture. Tension is a force that can pressure and finally tear culture apart. Globe interaction or globalization is one of the leading causes of tension among the identifiable localities. Culture is aimed at defining, comforting as well as establishing the personal preferences.

Companies, government, and people from different countries integrate and interact with them. The process of integrating and communicating is what is known as an investment, international trade and information technology. This leads to an impact on culture and environment, economic and political developme


nt. Opportunities offered by globalization included creation jobs through improvement of marketing strategies. Globalization has led to bigger markets in some parts of the world. For example; the U.S market is one of the largest and a major import in the world, unlike other markets that are growing considerably in other parts of the globe.

Impacts of American Political and Economic models to Culture include; the decline of values and beliefs in the society, homogenization of world culture, and proliferation of pop culture emergence of new culture as well as Americanization of world cultures. Challenges experienced by the culture as a result of globalization included trade disputes and government policies. These disputes may intensify and become a concern for politics. Other problems include the type of feeding habits in which societies can be identified with. Food is an integral aspect of culture i

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many countries. French are proud of cuisine which is unique and symbolizes culture.
From the above, it is clear that globalization is concerned of the traditional patterns of the economy, trade, information, production, and finance. It has led to the development of information technology which has acted as an integral to the world economy.


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