Immigration and Arab Americans Essay
Immigration and Arab Americans Essay

Immigration and Arab Americans Essay

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  • Published: December 27, 2021
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According to Camerata, the most authoritative writer, there are multiple important factors constantly influencing the immigration department. Camerata believes that in order for immigrants to receive proper treatment, various aspects must be addressed, considering the numerous challenges they often encounter. The author succinctly presents this concept and also emphasizes the cost of immigration. Learning English proves to be particularly difficult for many Hispanic immigrants.

Adapting quickly to the use of English language poses a significant challenge for non-native speakers. However, the growing diversity in the United States has resulted in young children being exposed to English from birth, enabling them to become fluent (Healey & O?Brien 2015). It is crucial to embrace bilingualism in America to preserve diversity and uphold various cultures. Presently, there is an observable trend in American society where Hispanic immigrants readily abandon their own cul


ture and adopt American culture. Unfortunately, this rapid shift towards diversity and the dominance of American culture has led to many aspects of Hispanic culture being unable to withstand it.

There have been significant changes in the relationship between the United States and countries in the Middle East, impacting their interaction. Regrettably, Arabs have often been unfairly associated with terrorism-related issues, leading to negative perceptions (Gallagher 2012). Media involvement is another influential factor that can either shape a positive image or undermine trust between these nations.

The confidence of Middle East countries was destroyed by the way the media disseminated terror-related news.


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