Robert Ross’ story in World war 1 Essay Example
Robert Ross’ story in World war 1 Essay Example

Robert Ross’ story in World war 1 Essay Example

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  • Published: July 27, 2017
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World War 1 is regarded as one of the deadliest events in human history. The wars which occurred during this horrifying event are epic tales. Robert Ross, a young man, faced some of the most challenging situations of his life during this time. Fear and terror were common reactions for Ross during these predicaments. However, Ross also showed bravery and courage while dealing with these emotions.

During difficult situations, individuals tend to respond instinctively to overcome fear or terror. Such reactions can range from heroic acts to foolish ones. Robert, who was only 18, had his entire life ahead of him.

Robert faced numerous instances in "The Wars" where he had to confront his utmost fears. Among these, he encountered a situation when Teddy Bulge was called upon to slaughter Rowena's rabbits. Despite promising Rowena that the rabbits could remain in their home


, Robert witnessed the events from outside his window and comprehended the impending tragedy. In shock, Robert bolted downstairs towards the barn to intervene and halt the cruel act.

While trying to protect the rabbits and fulfill his promise to Rowena, Robert bravely attacked Teddy Bulge despite feeling an overwhelming sense of fear. In this moment, Robert acted on instinct and defended himself. Unfortunately, Robert also experienced immense terror during a separate instance when he was sexually assaulted.

As Robert was heading towards his cell to change, he found himself unexpectedly trapped inside. He was only wearing a towel and quickly realized he was being surrounded by unknown individuals. Although he tried to defend himself, he was overpowered and thrown around like a rag doll.

Robert responded to the perverted assault from his attackers with overwhelmin

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fear and terror, prompting him to fight back in an incredible display of violence despite being outnumbered. Even while being raped, his fear drove him to resist by attempting to bite his attacker. Despite the intense terror that besieged him, Robert's attempt to fight back was remarkable.

The physical reaction known as bravery occurs when faced with fear or danger. It can result in heroism that would be unlikely under normal circumstances. Robert demonstrated bravery multiple times during "The Wars", including when he and his fellow soldiers were confronted by gas creeping down the hillside. With only one gas mask among the group and no issued masks, the men fought for possession of it. Ultimately, Robert ended up with the life-saving gas mask.

Robert showed bravery when he ordered the group to step back or face being shot. He then instructed them to cover their faces with a cloth soaked in urine, despite their fear and resistance. Despite their objections, the men ultimately followed Robert's lead, and this act of courage ultimately saved most of their lives, making Robert a hero.

Showing bravery in the face of fear can also be seen in Rodwell's attempt to put a stop to animal torture he witnessed while "down the line". Assigned to a company with madmen, Rodwell encountered his worst nightmare as he saw them torturing innocent animals. Upon his arrival, he found them brutally slaughtering rats and mice, burning them alive in their cooking fires.

(Findley, Pg. 150) Rodwell was forced by the men to witness the killing of a cat, which greatly disturbed him and ultimately caused his death. Despite this harrowing experience, Rodwell demonstrated bravery by attempting

to stop the slaughter.

Rodwell's act of bravery was motivated by his fear for the animals. His courage, triggered by the intense fear and terror he experienced, led him to take action. It is common for bravery to stem from fear in a given situation, where terror and fear are typical reactions. Unfortunately, the situation in which Teddy Bulke was going to kill the rabbit was a particularly negative one.

Robert experienced the worst circumstances, including the rape incident and the moment he told the men to urinate on their clothes and cover their faces. Despite these challenges, he displayed remarkable bravery and courage.

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