French Aid in American Revolution

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Many historians argue that without French aid, the colonies could never have won their independence. Do you agree? Why? Historians argue that the American colonies could not have succeeded in defeating the British empire without French aid.

I fully agree with this statement. The colonists were not soldiers; they had no military training. The colonies had no government to pay for supplies and weapons. The colonists had no chance of success without foreign aid.

Before France would ally with the colonies, they wanted to be sure that the colonists had the capability of winning the war. This was accomplished when the colonists defeated the British at the Battle of Saratoga. Some may argue that since the colonists defeated the British at Saratoga without French aid, then they could also win the war without French aid. I disagree with that idea because the colonists had little money and supplies, and eventually wealthy Britain would succeed in crushing their poor opposition.

French aid was the key to success in the war.

The French supplied weapons, uniforms, and other much needed military supplies to the colonists. The French also extended financial support to the colonies, as well as loans to pay for weapons and supplies. French military aid was also a key factor in the American victory. The French fought on the American side against Britain in North America, Africa, India, and the West Indies.

The pinnacle of French support was the five battalions under the command of Count Rochambeau sent by France to aid Washington’s Continental forces. Rochambeau’s strategy and large military force led to decisive victories for the colonies, and was a large factor in ending the war. French aid was the cause of the colonists’ victory of the American Revolution. Without it, the colonies would not have succeeded in their revolt against Britain, and the United States of America would not exist.

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