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Poem at 39 and Piano Poem at 39 is about a woman describing the relationship with her father. She first talks about how she misses him but the poet portrays a subtle sense of dislike and resentment. She says he was tired when she was born ‘How I miss my father I wish he had not been so tired when I was born. This makes her feel like she is not wanted as she has so many other siblings. A child that age would feel very bad if her father did not give it their love and attention and as they get older adults do not feel the need to have a lot of attention anymore.

Also I think as you grow up a child will find themselves doing a lot of thing which their parents did when they were young. ‘Now I cook and look just likes him my brain light’ The poet is referring to her father when she says him. I think it is obvious that her father was not very happy all the time but one of the things he loved doing was cooking and I believe that is why she now cooks like him because it was so memorable for him t be happy that it has stuck in her brain and now makes her feel happy.

I think adults will always copy their parents in the things that made them happy as when you are an adult you can’t find all the little things you found funny and made you happy then make you happy now you have grown up so you need to find something else to do so you just follow by example of your parents. This is also shown in Piano (D H Lawrence) he is remembering how he used to watch his mother play the piano smiling whilst he sat under the piano. And looking back on his childhood he wishes he was that small again just to feel that happiness he felt with his mother back then but now he is grown up and she is dead.

The structure of poem at 39 as you read it is very static and I think this gives the impression of I think not very good communication between daughter and father. They never spoke to each other about how they feel or anything a daughter should tell her father. I think this would really make the relationship strained it shows they were never that close and now he is dead she really regrets him not being there for her and doing all the things a father should do for a child. So I think the poet presents her relationship with her father very subtly but well as it really makes you think and feel sorry for the poet. By Bertram Medd 470 Words

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