Mrs.Kramer Essay Example
Mrs.Kramer Essay Example

Mrs.Kramer Essay Example

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  • Published: November 6, 2017
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Why did Mrs.. Kramer leave her family? 2. Describe Mr.. Kramer in detail. 3. How did the relationship between Billy and Mr.. Kramer change through the story? 4. Write a paragraph about what Mrs.. Kramer must have done while she was away. 5. What consequences might a kid who's been abandoned by a parent face? 6. What could be the effects of a time consuming Job on a family relationship? Why? 7. How did Mr.. Crammer's character change at the end of the plot? 8. Why did Mrs.. Kramer come back?

If you had been Mr.. Kramer what would you have one? Explain. 9. If you were the Judge in a case like this, how would you rule? Give details. 10. Why did she decide to let Billy stay with his father? Answers; 1- Fi


rst of all, as I recall from this movie, Mrs.. Kramer said that she had left for many reasons that mostly had to do with her low self-steam, her fear, and feeling of being a complete Taller. Seen Deliver Tanat on nerd own Seen could AT done netter Ana such she believed she wasn't good enough for Billy, so she thought she was better of without him.

Also how Mr.. Kramer was always so focused on his Job career, she felt eke it wasn't enough attention, even though she didn't really realize his loyalty, respect, his love, that he was Just carried away by so much work that had forgotten how important was it to attend more care to his wife than to his work. For that she had left her family, trying to do something important for her

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in her life, while forgetting that what is more important than her own son? Therefore, she Just had a lack of confidence that lead her to bad decisions. 2- I recall Mr..

Kramer being Just a little bit of an ignorant, Just because he seemed to pay more attention to his Job, than to his own family. His temper wasn't so nice, and he didn't really act in a proper way with his son... Leaving it all to the mother. In the other hand, physical characteristics of Mr.. Kramer are that he was tall, with dark hair, and most of the time wearing some high pants.. Also at the end of the movie he ends up being such a lovely father with Billy. Even though he cared and loved very much about Johanna, he wasn't really showing it to her, leaving Johanna very upset. - Well to start with, at first their relationship was not as pleasant as it should of been. They didn't treat each other the proper way. Mr.. Kramer wasn't as responsible s supposed to, and Billy was being a spoiled kid, because he was upset about the whole situation of his mom leaving. Causing Mr.. Kramer and Billy to have a hard to deal with relationship. Although, throughout the story, things started changing. Such as the responsibility Mr.. Kramer had upon Billy, how much time he dedicated to him, how caring and dedicated he was.

Simply the way they showed the love towards each other, and they turned out to take care of one another. Being so beautiful together, and such lovely Father and Son, they turned out to have an

amazing relationship. 4- My invented story... It's been a new start, new life, new love" As Mrs.. Kramer left, she right away went to California, where she found a school for dancing graduates. That's what she always wanted ever since she was a young kid, to become a Prima Ballerina. A Prima Ballerina is a professional ballet dancer, mixed with any other dancing skills the person could have, such as hip-hop, Jazz, etc.

It was easy for her to become a Prima Ballerina because she was already a professional dancer back in New York, so it only took her a year to graduate to become a prima Ballerina. As the year went by, and through her whole experience in that dance school, she met somebody. That someone became so special to her, and everything seemed to be perfect, he was a dancer Just like her, and the met when they had a homework together on choreographing their own dance piece. As time went by, they fell in love and everything seemed Just fine, but there was Just this one thing missing in her heart.

Something that was extremely strong, stronger than any love, and it was the presence of her son. So she decided to make a trip every once in a while to New York, to evils nerd little DOD. In toner words, everything turned out to work out Just Tine. - I believe, that after a kid is abandoned by one of its parent's, it would be a horrible experience for the child, leaving them with a broken heart. Just the fact that he or she gets abandoned can change their life completely.

The love they have for the parent, will be fighting against the hate they definitely have towards the fact they were abandoned.

Also the way the kid is raised might be very different, it might be in a bad way or good bay, but it definitely be different type of life. Although it also depends on the age of the child when it's abandoned, because the bigger they are, or mailer they are, there are going to be different reactions towards that according to the child's way of thinking and understanding the situation. 6- The most accurate consequences a family might face from an interfering Job that consumes much of the time is that the person wont have enough interest, enough care, in his or her family.

Leaving the other siblings feeling left out, while the bigger interest of that one person is in its Job. Causing many problems in the relationship of the family, because there isn't enough time of bonding in the family thanks to that consuming time type of Job. 7- I must say, that Mr.. Crammer's character's changed in a major way. Such as his personality and way of life. At the end of the plot, his way of living is much different from the way it was at the beginning. Now its more about his son, than more about his Job.

He has bonded more with his son, and has become an amazing father and mother both at same time for Billy. It's amazing how he changes so much, and to a good type of change. Leaving behind most the problems, and the lack of interest in the family, the

forgetting how much his family needs him, Just leaving all of that back. While giving all the love, And care he could ever give to his son. It all simply made him a much better person, and bigger in the sense of personality. 8- Mrs.. Kramer, had came back because she wanted to be with her son, she wanted him back, and felt that she needed him.

She also believed that Billy needed more "his mommy" and was going to be better off with her having custody of the kid. Although she did not know how different and amazing things were between Mr.. Kramer and him. Honestly, if I were to be in Mr.. Crammer's position, I would actually react the exact same way he did. I would of fought for getting everything right for my child's custody, Just like he did. Doing everything ever possible to win the case, and even thought he might of failed, I would of kept trying, and never fail to try Just like he didn't give up.

Also, by not having any hate towards Mrs.. Kramer, by at the end, making some peace between all of them. 9- If I were to be the Judge in this case, I would definitely give the custody to Mr.. Kramer, because he deserved it. I mean, what mother would abandoned his kid, just to find a better way of life? What's better than being with your own son. I don't tank It would De ruling to take Billy away Trot Mr.. Kramer rater all ten trouble en Ana one through that whole year, Just to become a better father and person.


such a big and amazing change, I believe he deserved to be with his lovely son. 10- As I can remember, Mrs.. Kramer decided to leave Billy with her father, because she had finally realized that he's better off with him, and that she don't think she can ever make a better home in any other place, because he's own home belonged with his father, where he had been raised, where he had lived all his life. In that home, that she knew it wouldn't had been the same with her at some other place, living a different way of life without his father.

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