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What is an Onsite Daycare and Why Should We Have One? An onsite Daycare is a place directly located at the employers of parents with toddlers or babies who need full time child care while their parents are at work. It allows the parents the advantage of being close to their children while still being able to maintain stability with their careers.

According to Statistics Canada, the amount of two parented full time working families has gone up 17% since the 1980’s.As a result of such an outcome, more employees in larger and smaller based companies are finding it harder to keep up with both risen work loads and home life necessities, which in turn have caused more absentees in the work place. The reason being for this is due to situations concerning child illness, school holidays and the over all unexpected and a general study showed that 80% of work days were cut short due to parental obligations.Parents who work outside of the home also have difficultly juggling both getting their child to their care-giver, and making it to work in the same trip. This becomes especially complicated when modes of travelling are through public transportation.

With the growth of this company expanding with many parent employees who are in favour of an onsite daycare, it would be in good interest to consider the possibilities of having a daycare to prevent absentees and also to create less stress, morale, profit and happier employees.Benefits of On-Site Daycares for Employees and the Company Due to the demand for on site daycares and the amount of companies which do not provide this service, being a company which does could result in high qualified employees to be recruited amongst our team solely for the fact of having a child placement program. On the same regard, an on-site daycare will also help to retain the employees our company has already secured, but who have considered leaving due to their not being a safe, close environment for their children to be cared for.As far as employee stamina goes, having an onsite daycare could have an affect on raising employees work performance and overall company appearance due to the employee to keep a better attendance, and less worries about their child’s well being while having them located closer to them. On-Site daycares would also be more time efficient for employees as they and their children will be going to one destination, opposed to travelling a further distance to drop of their kids before arriving at work.

Dually this also compliments time effectiveness because employees can work later hours without the inconvenience of having to leave early to retrieve their child from a further daycare facility. In cases such as illness for the child, it also saves time for the company and the worker for the employee to be able to take their child from work to a hospital or other destination without the extra travelling. Negative Aspects and Insurance Liabilities and What Can Be Done to Prevent It Although there will be an inevitable exposure to liabilities, there are ways to decrease the amount.Some liabilities observably entail issues such as injuries to a child while attending the daycare. These liabilities can be minimized through the legal structure of the daycare and also how organized the operation is arranged, purchasing liability insurance when licensing the daycare, and making the daycare clear of any objects which may result in injury.

Fortunately, there are also three other types of liability options to explore: 1. Self Insurance eliminates the risk of being held responsible for injuries to the children 2. Extended medical and liability insurance from the company to the daycare 3.Purchasing commercial liability and accident insurance, Other ways in which liabilities can be avoided through keeping the daycare as safe as possible, which could mean not having easy accessible staircases, being sure the perimeter is safely guarded to avoid escapes, not having lavish items such as swimming pools and an overly intricate playground area. Being sure that all children are divided into reasonable age groups to avoid injury is also a factor. Who Else in Canada Sponsors On-Site Daycares? To name a few there are several Canadian wide based companies, and provincial only based companies who have taken on onsite daycares.

There companies include BC Hydro, WorksafeBC, CIBC and TD Bank. Their reasoning for doing so revolved around the fact that too many employees were missing work due to having to pertain to their home life priorities. In turn, their solution was to bring home life to work. Since CIBC has taken on joining up with Children First and opening a new Toronto based onsite Daycare, they have statistically saved 6,700 work days within 4 years of opening, thus in return resulting in over a million dollars in productivity savings.

Both parents and employees have agreed on the relevance of having onsite daycares within the work place. BC Hydro, which is a smaller provincial based company had decided to take on a”self-care in the work place” approach and also concluded that having an onsite daycare makes for happier, productive employees. Summary With the rapid increase of working parents with younger children, not only growing within our company, but in companies all over Canada, it would be in both of our best interests to consider an onsite daycare within the facility.Canadian companies and employees have found that having an onsite daycare does in fact increase the amount of productivity, and decreases the amount of absentees and ultimately turning over a profit for the company. Employees also find they are less stressed out about leaving their children in onsite daycares and the convenience of having them close and giving them the advantage to check up on them gives the employers a more relaxed atmosphere to work in.

Although there are definitely liabilities which cannot be over looked, they can indeed be reduced through taking a careful, thought out, responsible approach to the program.The suggested solution to avoid liability would be to take out the necessary insurance claims which are most suited to the situation. Over the years Canadian companies from all over have decided to branch out into creating onsite daycares for employees as a necessary, strategic decision to attract more employees, retain the ones they have and create a stress and worry free working environment for both employee and employer.

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