Loretta Lux

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Loretta Lull’s photographs are deliberately shot in a way that represents sass’s and sass’s retro style; to create this, Loretta uses vintage styled clothing and props. Her photos are digitally manipulated to look unrealistic and similar to a painting. In doing this, she has created images with a ghostly feel. Her photos create a doll-like feeling; she presents her subjects in a way that makes them seem distant, unhappy and disturbing, this heightens the creepy feeling of her Images. The proportions of the children are altered and enhanced using computer programs and then Inserted Into he selected background.

Like In this photo “Siegfried”, Loretta manipulates proportions and size In majority of her work. The tree In the background Is smaller than the cat; this Is unrealistic and almost supernatural. In a way, Loretta Is creating a different perception about her subjects. People can perceive her art in many different ways. Not having much detail in her images, Loretta creates an open interpretation and perception of her work. For example: a mother with children would perceive a photo of the children in a different way to a young girl.

The children are posing in an almost ‘awkward’ sense or ‘deliberate’ and forced’. Loretta has digitally removed the detail in the subjects skin and all imperfections to add on to the ‘unrealistic’ and ‘perfect’ feel. By doing this, they look like dolls with perfect skin and perfect hair; it’s deliberately ignoring the reality that all humans have imperfections, creating unrealistic expectations of children. Loretta has used lighting in her photos to make the photos appear dull and lacking in contrast, this is evident as there is a limited color range in her photo.

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