Lab Experiment: To Decarbonate Soft Drink Essay Essay

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The results supported the hypothesis that carbon dioxide will be lost to he atmosphere when decarbonting soft drink, decreasing the mass of the soft drink can. Explain: When removing the lid off soft drinks, the pH will increase because carbon dioxide is released making the drink inside more alkaline.

Soft drink cans contain carbon dioxide that is exposed to high pressure which causes significant concentration of carbon dioxide to dissolve, and the can is then sealed.

rhe gas space above the drink still contains a high pressure of carbon dioxide therefore when the can is opened, the high pressure carbon dioxide escapes. The reactant concentration (pressure) is decreased therefore the equilibrium shifts to the left and carbon dioxide comes out of solution/drink forming the bubbles seen in the drink. Equation: (opening the can causes the equilibrium to shift to the left) C02(g) + H20(l) H2C03(aq) (Carbonic acid) Accuracy: This experiment is accurate as an electronic balance was used to measure the mass changes of the soft drink over the period of trials.

Additionally, the data obtained was averaged to further improve accuracy. Outliers were produced in the esults thus when taking the average, the outliers were not included to prevent accuracy errors. Reliability: The experiment is reliable as it was repeated over 5 groups under the same conditions thus consistent results could be obtained.

Validity: Overall this experiment is valid as the variables were controlled as the experiment Nas performed in a lab therefore the temperature was controlled and the experiment was accurate and reliable. Improvements: ro improve this experiment, repeat it over a longer period of time to obtain more results and

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