The Processing Equipment of Hematite Mineral Essay

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Hematite mineral processing equipment mainly includes crushing, grinding, classification of three kinds of equipment, hematite mineral processing equipment in the process, according to specific circumstances. Now, we will find out more types of hematite mineral processing equipment and application process. Hematite mineral processing equipment as follows: Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher. Jaw crusher to coarse jaw broken and sucked jaw broken.

Ground mining equipment: cone ball mill, ceramic ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, high-energy ball mill, high fine ball mill. Fine sieving and grading equipment: grader, air classifier, magnetic separator, high-frequency screen and so on. Early hematite beneficiation process is generally the use of re-election process, hematite mineral processing equipment jig and centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute, spiral concentrator, shaking.

Due to its beneficiation processing capability, low grade ore dressing recovery gradually be eliminated later development of hematite mineral flotation process and the high intensity magnetic separation process, mainly to the oxidation of paraffin wax soap flotation positive flotation process and Electromagnetic flat ring intensity magnetic separator for high intensity magnetic separation process of sorting equipment.

However, the sorting of its technical indicators did not achieve satisfactory results. In recent years, the hematite beneficiation process has achieved considerable development, the main hematite beneficiation process is based on the electromagnetic pulsating high gradient magnetic separator is represented by high intensity magnetic separation beneficiation process and the Series as the representative of the anti-flotation beneficiation process.

Hematite mineral processing equipment is mainly used for the election of other weakly magnetic hematite, its application, there are two: Geological taste higher (50%), more but the ore body thinner or sandwich mining when the waste rock mixed ore dilution of this ore can be broken only grinding, particle size than the thick, discard the coarse tailings re-election, to restore the geological taste, coarse medium taste concentrate, or further processing, or sent directly to the blast furnace smelting, this is called coarse-grained re-election.

Another hematite mineral processing equipment technology dissemination size smaller red ore or mixed mineral (i. e. , red ore containing weakly magnetic and strongly magnetic magnetite), crushing, grinding iron mineral single after separation of the re-election or magnetic reconnection election, get fine-grained high-grade concentrate, which called the fine-grained hematite re-election.

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